More than 10 years organizing bachelorette parties around the world support us.

We offer you more than 20 destinations to organize an unforgettable bachelorette party. With the experience that gives us to be the first travel agency specialized in bachelorette parties and more than 10 years mounting unique experiences in Amsterdam, Berlin, Portugal, Porto and many more destinations! We put all our entertainment expertise at your disposal.


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Destinations in Europe

To organize a bachelorette party in Europe we make it very easy for you. As we are a travel agency we can take care of all the elements of the trip: airplanes; accommodation; activities and travel insurance, so that in addition to guaranteeing your fun you are sure that everything will turn out well.

We have a lot of experience in each of the destinations we offer. In Portugal, Porto, Lisbon and Algarve. In the rest of Europe Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest and Malta. In all these destinations we have the most fun activities and central accommodation of all types: hostels, apartments and hotels.

Destinations in Spain

What do you want to organize a bachelorette party in Spain? We can provide you with lots of ideas to organize a different hen party. Whether you want to organize a party farewell to the fullest or if you want something quieter or if you have pregnant women in the group, count on us to organize the farewell you are looking forward to!

We have many accommodation options. From spas or country houses to luxury hotels. And continuing on the gastronomic side: both if you want you are looking for a restaurant for farewells or a reserved one in a very cute restaurant. And not to mention the activities, which is our true specialty. Are you clear about what you are looking for or do you need us to help you out?