School trip to Valencia

If you are looking for an end of school year trip that combines culture, longing to learn about a city, and want to have fun. Then, do not think twice! Valencia is your perfect city.

Presupuesto de este viaje

This end of school year trip to Valencia is the perfect choice for a balance between the expectations and requests of parents and teachers and what the students are looking for.

Who said that learning cannot be fun? We will discover and learn about the city through a guided tour in the form of a gymkhana game. In this game, students will be divided into teams where they will have to decipher different riddles and go from one point to another. And Of course, after the city, you would probably want a change of scenery, so we will go to the most natural part of the area by taking a boat ride through the Albufera.

And we cannot talk about or say we know Valencia without spending a day in its wonderful City of Arts and Sciences. If you believe its architecture is striking it is more impressive is inside. You will go from spending a fun morning watching the animals to enter the world of science in the afternoon.

We will end our trip in Valencia with the most playful part by spending a day full of activities on the beach as well as go to the Terra Mítica theme park.

Can you ask for more to an end of school year trip? 😉


  • Accommodation in a downtown hostel in a bed and breakfast with shared rooms for students and individual rooms for teachers
  • Guided tour through the center of Valencia in the form of a Gymkhana game
  • Boat trip through the Albufera
  • Combined tickets to the City of Arts and Sciences: Museum of Sciences, Oceanography and Hemisfèric
  • Entrance to Terra Mitica theme park with food
  • Basic travel insurance


  • Transportation from origin to Valencia
  • All those services not specified in the ‘includes’ section


DAY 1: Discovering Valencia and the Albufera

Once we arrive to Valencia and leave our belongings at our accommodation, we will head out and learn about the city of Valencia in a guided tour.

We will start on Cristóbal Colón Street, which is the center of the city and the shopping street. But wait! It is not time yet to go shopping because we have sooooooo much to see. We will go to the Plaza de Toros, where we will find the beautiful North station. Next, we will continue our journey until we reach the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, where we will come across one of the most beautiful buildings in the city: The Communication palace. Afterwards, we will go to the Plaza de la Virgen, which is where the Cathedral of Santa María is located. But, we cannot forget the Serranos and Quart towers (here is where you can look for the cannon shots) or the Miguelete. Who will be the first to get up their 207 steps?

But wait we are not done? we will be passing the Carmen neighborhood which is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, and fun fact it grew between the Muslim and Christian walls.

And taking advantage of our way to the Central Market where you can eat and rest, we will make a stop in the building of the Lonja de la Seda.

After a little break and you have charged your batteries with food. Who wants to go for a boat ride?

In this case we will travel to the Albufera Park, where we will have the opportunity to spend the afternoon and enjoy the sunset.

DAY 2: City of Arts and Sciences: Oceanographic, Museum of Sciences and Hemisfèric

If anything represents the city of Valencia then it is its City of Arts and Sciences which is composed of the Museum of Sciences, the Oceanographic and the Hemisfèric.

We will start the morning visiting animals such as sea lions, dolphins, penguins to name a few.

And there is no better way to learn than being hands one. That is why at the Science Museum we will discover the functioning of our body while we attempt to score in a game or compete to see who is able to jump higher. Through quick games we will learn the effects of reflection and refraction of light and gawk at the ball of continuous movement.

Afterwards, we will end our day relaxing in the Hemisfèric, where we will see a documentary film on a concave screen of 900 square meters (see schedule).

DAY 3: Beach day and free afternoon

Yes, we recognize it: We have been in Valencia for two days now and the smell of the sea has invaded your nostrils from the moment you stepped foot in the city. So, pack your backpack! We are going to the beach. But, don’t forget your swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, and your best beach outfits because we go to the Malvarrosa beach.

Here we can sunbathe, shovel some sand, make a sand angel, and even rent a scooter or do some other water sport.

Afterwards, the afternoon is yours! You can continue spending it in the back or decide to lose yourself in the streets of Valencia to discover all its charm and try an authentic Valencian horchata.

DAY 4: Terra Mitica theme park and return home

Everybody up!! We have to have a quick breakfast because we will spend a day full of adrenaline and strong emotions: We are going to Terra Mitica!

This theme park’s theme is set as ancient classical cultures and is full of corners that you cannot miss: from deciphering the secrets of the Pyramids in their passage of terror to taking a walk on the Nile. Or possibly defying gravity in The Fury of Triton, The Flight of the Phoenix or Titan.

At the end of the day we will all be tired enough to get on the bus and fall asleep on the way back home.

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