School trip to Berlín

On our end of school year trip to Berlin we will have time for everything: discovering its history, exploring its most alternative part and, of course, having fun while we learn! Are you ready?

Presupuesto de este viaje

Welcome to one of the most alternative cities in Europe! On your trip to Berlin, you will find the perfect mix between history, art and fun.

We will start the trip with a guided tour of the most emblematic points of the city: the Brandenburg Gate, the Parliament, the Cathedral, the vestiges of the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie and the Island of Museums.

And if we want to learn about the history of the city, the concentration camp is a mandatory stop. We will continue with a somewhat different route through the city with a boat trip on the Spree river.

Which museum would you prefer during your morning museum crawl? From the Pergamon to the Bode, and the New. Here where you will find the Bust of Nefertiti, the Old National Gallery or the Old Museum.

And after seeing the most classic parts of Berlin, what do you think about visiting the graffiti of the city? We will finish in the East Side Gallery where you cannot miss those photos before the mythical kiss between Brezhnev and Honecker.

Of course, the last morning you will have it free, so you can get lost in the city. Through the streets of this great city or climb for example the Television Tower.

Short but intense. It will be an unforgettable trip!


  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel (round trip)
  • Accommodation in a downtown hostel at a bed and breakfast with shared rooms for students and individual ones for teachers (request half board supplement)
  • Essential Berlin guided tour (2 hours and a half)
  • Entrance and guided tour to the concentration camp of Sachsenhausen
  • Boat trip with audio guide in Spanish (1 hour)
  • Entrance to the Museum Island complex
  • Guided visit of the graffiti and alternative art in Berlin (2 hours)
  • Basic travel insurance


  • Transport of origin to Berlin
  • Transport from Berlin to the Sachsenhausen camp
  • All those services not specified in the “includes” section


DAY 1: Discovering Berlin

After landing in the city of Berlin and leaving our bags in our accommodation. we will start a guided tour that will serve as an introduction and to place us in the city (although it seems big, it is easier to move around it than you can think).

In this visit we will explain a little the history of the city and we will stop in such emblematic places as the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial, Parliament, some of the remains of the Berlin Wall, the Cathedral or Museum Island.

DAY 2: A little history: Nazism in Germany
Although yesterday they explained to us some of the barbarities that took place during the Nazism, as well as the effects and consequences that this stage has had on the German capital. Today, we will close this circle with our visit to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

Even though we have seen movies like “Life is beautiful,” “The boy with the striped pajamas” or “The Pianist,” the reality far exceeds the fiction. So, we recommend you to be prepared because during the guided tour we They will explain situations and we will see many impactful images.

After witnessing the heaviness of the camps, on our return to the city of Berlin, we will take on a new approach. We will create a relaxing environment with a boat trip on the Spree river, from which, we will have a completely different view of the city.

DAYy 3: The Island of Museums and the most alternative Berlin

If there is something for which Berlin is known for besides Nazism and its history, it is for the great variety of museums and cultural alternatives that you can find every day.

For this reason, we will dedicate the morning to know from within some of the museums of the island. Our recommendation is that you go to Pergamum, where you will find pieces of Islamic art and the Middle East that will leave you speechless, but any option is good.

Have you noticed we have taken on an artistic approach? The day will continue with a tour of the graffiti art of the city. And, of course, the last stop will be the East Side Gallery, where we recommend that you go with the charged camera / mobile battery because you will not stop taking pictures!

DAY 4: Free time and return home
As you have seen, the city of Berlin could also be the city that never sleeps because, we have not stopped even for a minute!

That is why we will have the morning free to visit those art galleries that have been left pending, go shopping, or climb the Television Tower, from where you will have the best skyline in the city.

At the set time, they will pick you up at the accommodation to take you to the airport to go back home.

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