School trip to Malta

An end of the school year trip to Malta is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you cannot give up on! And, you get to spend it with your pals. Doesn’t get easier than this…

Presupuesto de este viaje
An end of school year trip to Malta! Something that many of you have dreamt about 🙂
This trip is designed for groups of students of students who are in there last two years of high school. *Especially there last year! The students can discover the island’s secrets, enjoy its temperature, learn about its history, and all the charms it has to offer. And, most of all are able to practice their English with the islanders, and other vacationers unless they know Maltese 🙂
What do we have prepared for you? A trip of 6 days and 5 nights full of fun, which will remain engraved in your memory with the same intensity as the sun during your days in Malta.
 The trip includes:
  • Direct and return plane in economy class (from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Malaga or Seville)
  • 5 nights accommodation with half board.
  • Private transfers from the airport to the hotel and from hotel to airport.
  • Personalized documentation for your trip.
  • Guided tour to Gozo and Comino.
  • Assistance.
  • Travel insurance.


  • Plane:
    • Round trip flight from Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, Malaga, o Sevilla (other origins contact here)
    • Air rates.
    • Baggage of hand up to 10 kg.
  • 6 days and 5 nights at 3* hotel
    • Half Board Regime.
    • Located next to the beach and nightclubs.
    • Travel insurance.

    • Personalized attention and assistance during the trip
    • Guided tour to Gozo and Comino.
    • Transfers airport-hotel-airport.


  • Cancellation insurance.
  • All those services and activities not specified in the “includes” section.

Additional information

Malta is an independent country of just 316 m2. It is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea; very close to Sicily which is in southern Italy. The island is actually an archipelago because in addition to the main island of Malta, it also has the islands of Gozo and Comino. But, all three have pristine beaches that you can not miss.

The Malta International Airport is located in the east of the main island, next to the most populated area. As the island is small, your hotel will not be more than 20 minutes by car. The most probable thing is that your trip includes the airport-hotel transfer both on the way and on the way back, so you don’t worry about looking for a bus to get there.

Buses: Unless your hotel is next to Malta’s main walking area, the Paceville neighborhood; it is likely that you will have to take buses from time to time to move around the island. There are 80 bus lines that connect the main points of the island: La Valleta, Sliema, St. Julian … And they work from 5.30 in the morning to 23.00 in the evening. Then the nocturnal buses begin. So, you can return without problems to your hotel after partying. This is the official bus page in Malta: click here
Taxis: As you will be many it will be very cheap to share a taxi if at any time you see it necessary. Yes, agree on the rate with the taxi driver before riding.
On foot: It is not unreasonable to go on foot from one place to another in Malta. And, of course we recommend it, because in that way you will discover some beautiful views. For example, the lively Paceville neighborhood is separated from Valletta by an hour and a half walk that runs between the lanes of the historic center of the capital, the charming Sliema, and a long viewpoint of the Bay of Saint Julian. It’s really beautiful!

The official languages in Malta are Maltese, English, and Italian is also widely used. Maltese is a very peculiar language, of Semitic origin (of the Near East) and with an important Arab influence, which you will clearly see in the names of the places. They speak English fluently, although do not expect a perfect British pronunciation. In this language you will be able to understand perfectly with everyone. Although more Spaniards are getting settled in Malta because they are attracted by its touristic potential, you can still find plenty of locals!

In Malta they use the euros 🙂 no headache for you.

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