School trip to Seville

Are you ready to discover the special color hidden in Seville? This trip is 4 days filled with anecdotes, experiences, curiosity, and diversion. However, we cannot forget about history, culture, and most of all FUN!

Presupuesto de este viaje

Welcome to the city with more salt and grace in of all Spain! And we cannot forget to mention that Seville has a special color. Do you dare to discover it with your own eyes? Let’s go on a trip to Seville for your end of school year celebration!

Although you will see the city full of carriages, we will be more original than any and we will make our way around the city by bicycle.

Do you think you can climb to the top of the Giralda? No? Well it has no stairs, but there are 35 ramps that separate the floor from the top of the tower. We will also continue our tour of Seville by visiting the beautiful Alcazar and, of course, the Cathedral.

Pedaling, and walking! Can you think of any other way to get to know the city of Seville? Well there is! On a boat trip through the waters of the Guadalquivir.

We will add some adrenaline to the trip by spending a day at Magic Island, where you will find an odd piece of the famous 92 Olympic Expo, and where you will have the opportunity to spend the day in what was once the largest urban theme park in the world.

Before our return home; we will make a stop in the archaeological complex of Itálica.

We hope you have your batteries charged because? We’re going to Seville!!


  • Accommodation in a downtown hostel at a bed and breakfast with shared rooms for students and individual rooms for teachers (request half board supplement)
  • Guided bicycle tour through the center of Seville with a guide
  • Tickets to the Alcázar, Giralda, and guided tour of the Cathedral’s stops
  • Boat trip
  • Tickets to Magic Island with menu and educational program
  • Entrance to Italica
  • Basic travel insurance


  • Transportation from origin to Seville
  • All those services not specified in the Includes section 


DAY 1: What color is Seville?

We will arrive at our accommodation, and we will put on comfortable clothes and shoes. Why? We’re going on a journey through Seville!

Although the most typical thing to do in Seville is ride in a horse drawn carriage, we are going to be more original than anyone and we will do it by bicycle. For two and a half hours we will tour the streets of Seville and discover all its unusual aspects. From the neighborhood of El Arenal to Triana, passing through the mythical Plaza de España, the gardens of María Luisa Park or the groves of the Hercules garden.

After a long day of journeying through Seville, we should go to sleep early. Why? Well because the trip has only begun!

DAY 2: Sevillian culture and art. Tour on the Guadalquivir.
The Alcazar and its gardens, the Giralda, as well as the Cathedral are 3 musts that you cannot miss on your end of school year trip.

We will start by climbing the 35 ramps that will allow you to reach the top of the Giralda. Then we will continue through the Cathedral, where not only will we can see its interior, but a technician in the interpretation of art center will accompany us through a guided tour of the most peculiar parts of the roof in the building.

We will end our morning of cultural visits with the Alcazar, where we will visit the Courtroom, Courtyard of the Plaster, House of Contracting, Palace of King Don Pedro, Gardens of the Galera, Troy, and Dances, to name a few in a theatrical guided tour.

In the afternoon we will enjoy the city from a completely different point of view than what you have had until now: From the waters of a boat that crosses the Guadalquivir.

DAY 3: Day of adrenaline, fun, science and history. Magic Island.

We have been to Seville if we do not make a stop at the mythical park of Magic Island.

From the sixteenth century until now, Seville, America, and Piracy defied the physics of attractions. As well did Murillo, Copernicus, Galileo Galilei or even the solar system. These are just some of the themes that we can choose from in the park to turn our day into a fun, cultural and educational activity (Educational program to choose from, contact us for all possible options)

DAY 4: Italic and return home
Very close to Seville we will find the Itálica archaeological complex, which will be our last stop before starting our trip back home.

With our suitcases and our cameras full of memories, we will take our transport to return home. What will be our next adventure? Hopefully, it will be with the Fun Plan!

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