School trip to the Gran Canaria

Sun, Beach, Fun, and a good time with friends. What are we talking about? Well, A trip to the Grand Canary island, Of course!

Presupuesto de este viaje

Without a doubt, a trip to the Grand Canary is a #funplan!

The warm weather does well to one’s skin. The sun, beaches and coexistence with friends during your end of school year is the best break you can have from the four walls of your institute! It is time to enjoy yourselves?

This week you will be able to stop and take a break from your everyday life. You have been working hard in school and now it is time to disconnect. Here, you will be able to relax and gain your strength back? which is exactly what you will need when you must return to school. However, in the Grand Canary there will be nothing to stop you from enjoying yourself!

Tour the island and climb Nublo rock (you will have views of the rest of the islands of the archipelago!), You can go shopping in the capital, snorkelling, and discover its seabed and, of course, there are a lot of parties!!

Our plan? Sun, beach, good weather, and fun! The ultimate break.
What do we offer you? A complete trip. Starting with the plane, the transfers from the airport to the hotel, a hotel with guarantees of full board. Well located and some activities, among which there is a boat party, with lots of music but without alcohol (as we are talking about this Package is designed for minors.)

I do not know about you, but we are already preparing our suitcases to spend a few days #Planning for the Grand Canary.


  •  Trip from the airport to the hotel (Round trip)
  • Accommodation in 3 * hotel in the Maspalomas area with full board and double, triple and quadruple rooms
  • Boat party duration- approximately 4 hours (does not include alcoholic beverages)
  • Basic travel insurance
  • Personal attention


  • Suitcase billing
  • Optional activities
  • Personal expenses during the trip
  • Optional multi-resistance insurance
  • All those services not specified in the includes section
  • Possibility of connection with AVE / bus train, (ask for more information!)


DAY 1: City of origin- The Palms of Grand Canary

You must show up at the airport 2 hours before departure. As soon as we check in our luggage, we will fly to Grand Canary! In the blink of an eye we will be in a swimsuit/bikini with our feet soaking in the beach near our hotel (all inclusive.) The island awaits us!

Intermediate days: The Palms of Grand Canary

Which activity do you like the most? You can choose between beach, surfing, diving, and many more activities on the islands. Go exploring, interact with locals. The island is yours!

Last day: The Palms of Grand Canary – City of origin

It is hard to go back to our  routine after an amazing week, but at some point you will have to return to reality … We will pick you up after informing you of the time your plane leaves and so you can tell us the war stories during the return trip. Until next time!

Additional Information

Grand Canary does not have a large transport infrastructure such as metro or train, so the means of transportation are limited to cars and buses.

  • Bus: The Global company of public buses joins all the points of the island, and the company Municipal Buses: Yellow Buses (only in the capital.) They have a single rate to move around the city.
  • Taxi: These are the most important telephones and addresses you may need:
  • Socomtaxi  928 154 777
  • Servitaxi Gran Canaria 928 931 931
  • Euro-Taxi Gran Canaria  928 469 000
  • Rent a buggy, a quad or a scooter: There are many companies for rentals

The official language is Spanish (Spanish). However, the Canarian speech has many phonetic peculiarities and is enriched with numerous words from the aboriginal language. English, German or French are also spoken in tourist areas.

From the start, some crumbed potatoes accompanied by mojo picón (red or green) or a watercress stew. For the main course, a baked chicken, or an exquisite fish. For dessert, bienmesabe made with almonds or an aromatic goat islander cheese.

Do not stop trying the gofio. The diet of the ancient inhabitants consisted of roasted and ground cereals. It is usually kneaded with fish broth to make a typical dish: the escaldón.

It is one hour less than in the rest of the peninsula.

The climate is arid, with scarce rainfall, the average temperature is around 22ºC per year. Thanks to the so-called Canary current it keeps the water temperature below that corresponding to its latitude, between 22 ° and 19 ° C.

The tap water is not drunk in Grand Canary, it is advisable to consume bottled water.

Ask for your budget