Archery in Berlin


Guaranteed excitement until the last shot! If the honoree of the weekend likes to test his aim, this activity will be a hit!

Additional information:
Location: Berlín
Duration: 2 hours
People: Minimum 2
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

This exciting archery competition shows who has what it takes to be a sniper! The aim of the field is to hit the different targets as accurately as possible.

You’ll receive valuable advice from your playmarker and coach during the training phase, and then you’ll have the option of competing against each other or divided in teams in a tournament; a golden opportunity to show who is capable of keeping a steady hand.

The duration of the activity is approximately 2 hours.

Players should wear tight sportswear, sturdy shoes and for safety reasons, participants with facial piercings should remove them beforehand as they increase the risk of injury.

Price: 55€/person

Additional information


Bow and arrows
Professional orientation