Boat Party in Budapest


Should we rock a boat party across the Danube river? A friendly environment, some typical Hungarian drinks and the most wonderful Hungarian landscapes: 2 hours and 30 minutes to enjoy all of this.

Additional information:
Location: Budapest
Duration: 2 hours and a half
People: Minimum 2
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

Let’s begin our night with a wonderful boat party in Budapest!

Everyone will be dancing as we cross the Danube river: our night will begin in the best possible way, with a great boat party in the city centre. The party begins at 10pm but the meeting time will be half an hour before departure at the harbour.

A Dj will be be entertaining you for two hours as he will be playing 2010’s biggest hits. We will be enjoying the most wonderful landscapes while dancing it out on the dancefloor. Several bar games will then be set up and will allow you to get to know a lot of brand new people.

Other than the Dj, there will also be a professional photographer who will be in charge of immortalising the night’s highlights! This is you chance to have your next profile picture taken 😉

In order to make sure the party never ends, you will also be given an entry to one of Budapest’s best clubs. It is included in the price!


  • Boat Party + Open Bar: 35€/person
  • Boat Party + 2 Drinks: 20€/person

Additional information


Boat party lasting 2 hours and 30 minutes
Two options: either 2 drinks per person or add the open bar option
Club entry included!