Boat Party in Malta


Enjoy the best boat party in all Malta with an open bar and food on board!

Additional information:
Location: Malta
Duration: 4 hours and 30 minutes
People: Minimum 4
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

Do you want to enjoy the best boat party in Malta? Here it is!

With an open bar throughout the entire trip and top-level sound equipment, dancing and good times are destine to occur. Glasses of whiskey, vodka, gin and rum will be at your disposal throughout the party and you can also try the delicious Gin and Tonics prepared by our waiters. I assure that you will love them!

But, because a party is nothing without music, a great DJ will be on board who will play the Ibiza and Tomorrowland fashion themes, as well as House music, pop, flamenco and songs from the 70’s and 80’s. The songs will satisfy any music preference. And when you need to regain strength, pieces of pizza and fresh fruit will be served so you can continue the party full of energy.

Everything will depend on the situation of the sea and the wind, but we will go to one of these three amazing places:

Crystal Lagoon (Comino)
Blue Lagoon (Comino)
St’s Paul’s Islands (St’s Paul’s Bay)

And who has never wanted to take a bath in the sea at night? We will make a stop on the high seas to give you the chance to take a bath and continue your party from the water with the sound of music coming from the boat. Do you dare? At the same time, dinner will be served, which will consist of Ftira sandwiches (a Maltese specialty) made with olives, tomatoes and more fresh ingredients. And if you’re more traditional, you can opt for mixed sandwiches and pizza as well as chopped fruit for dessert.

At 00:00 we disembarked, but the party does not end here. You can go to one of the most famous clubs in the center of Paceville, the Footloose club, where you will have a free drink. The party will not end until 4 in the morning!
Take the opportunity to come and enjoy Malta’s great boat party! You will not regret it!!!

Additional information


4 hours and a half of boat party
Open bar during the whole party
DJ on board
Pizza and fruit for chopping
Stop at Crystal Lagoon, Blue Lagoon or St? S Paul? S Island
Deep-sea bath
Variety of sandwiches, pizza and fruit for dinner
Free cup at Footloose Club


6:30pm-7: 30pm: We start to embark. We will wait for you at Sliema Ferries. Do not worry if you do not know where it is, because it has easy access and good communication with transport networks.
7.30pm: The party starts!
12:00am: We get back to the starting point and head to Footloose club.