Boat Party Valencia


Want to make sure you live an amazing time while on holiday in Valencia? Get on board our boat party going and enjoy the coastline of Valencia! Then, dinner’s served with a wonderful show! 🙂

Additional Information:
Location: Valencia
Duration: 3 hours
People: At least 4 people
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

This one is going down in the books. Start off right on a boat party in the Mediterranean, with a photocall as you board (so you can remember the before and after!). As you sail along the Mediterranean coast for this three-hour journey, you will be accompanied by a DJ, beautiful people, paella and an open bar during the meal. You will also get to go for a dip in the middle of the sea.

Boat parties in Valencia, the departure dates are on Saturdays from the port of Valencia and it is included 1 mojito or drink, DJ and dip in the sea, at the following times for 2020:

  • At 11:30 to 13:30 h Price is 39€ per person.
  • At 14.00h to 16.00h Price is 39€ per person.
  • At 16.30h to 18.00h Price is 39€ per person.
  • At 18.30h to 21.00h Price is 45€ per person (it is necessary to wear with white clothes)

Please bear in mind that the boat party in Valencia is a highly demanded activity, so we strongly recommend you to book this the sooner the better.

Additional information


2 and a half hours navigation
1 mojito or other drink
Entrances for a nightclub (Mya, Humbracle, Le Premier, Moon or Noise, according to availability)
Mooring fees and cleaning