Bubble football in Amsterdam


Bubble football in Amsterdam is the answer to how to improve a football game, join us?

Additional information:
Location: Amsterdam
Duration: 1 hour
People: Minimum 8
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

This is football, but not as you know it. This invention will make you almost invincible! That’s why in our intense matches we engourage fouls, even though they’re almost impossible to commit.

It’s an unbeatable football experience – get ready for the game of your life as the two teams bounce off the pitch!

We have both indoor and outdoor venues, so there’s no need to worry about the weather. In addition, we’ll send you one of our professional bubble football referees, who will show you some tricks designed to make the most out of the bubbles.


  • 1 hour outdoor game: 325€
  • 1:30 hours outdoor game: 375€
  • 1 hour indoor game: 425€
  • 1:30 hour indoor game: 495€

Additional information


8 balls
All the necessary equipment: inflators, generator, etc.
Indoor and outdoor location
1 water bottle per person