Bubble Football in Barcelona


You want something different? We recommend you the Bubble Football in Barcelona: a set of funny games which ensures fun, laughs and an unforgettable moment!

Additional information:
Location: Barcelona
Duration: 1 hour or 2 hours
People: Minimum 10
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

You want a game different from what you already know to live an unforgettable day? The Bubble Football is THE popular game now. You need to be a large group, so gather all your friends and join us at one of our centers to have the best fun ever. You can do the activity whether outdoor or indoor.What is it exactly? First, you will be given huge plastic bubbles in which you will have to slip through. Then, like authentic bubbles moving in the air, with music and coordinators, you will move across the field! Let’s get the game started! You can choose between different options:

All against all: the players make a circle and without playing within in a team, in an individual way, you will fight all together until there is only one standing up, after the battle.
Rugby: comparable to American football, you have to protect the leader who will carry the ball inside his/her bubble and whom goal is to goal and his/her team will have to protect him/her from the other team not to succeed in robbing it and making him/her fall.
Sumo: 2 players insite a delimited ring. To win is to throw the opponent out of the ring.
Skittles: one player will be the ball and the other the skittles. The skittles will be placed in a pyramid shape and won’t be allowed to move. The ball will have to run towards them until impact. The goal for the ball is to make falling the highest number of players. The winner will be the one having succeeded in reaching the highest score.

Tissue: In team, each player is being given a number. The bal is placed at the middle of the field and the players on the borders. Players of each team will have to compet to give one point to his/her team.

The spider: one player is placed at the middle of the field and tries to reach his/her friends while they are trying to cross the field. If the main player catches another player, this last one will have to join the chain.

Which ones are you favorite?

You will have 1 or 2 hours to play with your bubbles and to have an amazing time!

Additional information


1 or 2 hours of Bubble Football
Field rental
Sport equipment
Locker room and showers
Mutual insurance in case of accident
Civil liability insurance of the activity