Bubble football in Budapest


Should we play a football game and bring it to the next level? Let’s run around the field wrapped in plastic bubbles and have fun for a whole hour! Beer is neverending!!

Additional information:
Location: Budapest
Duration: 1 hour
People: Minimum 6
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

May the football game start!! For one hour you will get the chance to prove that you are the best football player and you are able to win any kind of game.

The group will choose whether they prefer an indoor match or an outdoor one. Beer will be included and unlimited (you won’t be allowed to drink while you play, as it is forbidden).The minimum group size is 6 people and the maximum group size is 24 people (in that case, you will be playing in teams of 12 people).

The field is 20 minutes away from the city centre, transfer is included in the price. Ready for a fun football game?

*The company has informed us that the maximum weight permitted is 110Kg

Additional information


Transfer from the apartment
1-hour long bubble football game
All the necessary equipment
Unlimited beer