Burlesque dance workshop in Porto


One of the best dance workshop you will be able to find in Porto to spend a good time with your friends, especially for you hen do.

Additional information:
Location: Porto
Duration: 2 hours
People: At least 7
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

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For this dance workshop in Porto, you can choose between different dance style: burlesque, cabaret, belly dancing… always according to what you like. Each of them will be given by professional dancers, specialized in one style of dance. This activity is made for you to have a very entertaining day while learning a group choreography.

No previous experience is required to take part of this kind of workshop, you just need a lot of desire to spend an amazing time.

The classes have a 2-hour duration and you have to be at least 7 people.

Additional information


2 hours of workshop with a professional teacher
champagne or Porto's wine during the classes + strawberries


1st part: introduction + theoretical equipment (contextualisation, main moves, anatomy, …)
2nd part: body preparation, group dance basic moves, rhythm and movings, corporal and facial expression work, choreography
3rd part: relaxing

Preparación del cuerpo (calentamiento)
Base del baile en grupo
Ritmos y desplazamientos
Trabajo de expresión Corporal y facial

Parte III – Relajamiento