Gin & Tonic workshop in Porto


Your visit to Porto may be the perfect excuse to explore the world of G&T’s. With the guidance of an expert bartender, you’ll learn the art of mixing this fine drink with all its flavours and varieties, and of course, you’ll get to drink them too!

Additional information:
Location: Porto
Duration: 2 hours
People: At least 6
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

The Gin & Tonic Tasting in Porto immerses you in a world of flavours, brands, shades, proofs, and fruits. This workshop allows you to experiment with a variety of high quality gins as well as several different types of tonics now available.

You will learn the main features of gins as well as tricks for blending and mixing. Best of all, you will put what you have learned into practice, in a relaxed atmosphere with experienced bartenders who will ensure that you have a lot of fun throughout the entire tasting.

After the two-hour workshop, we promise you will leave content with everything you’ve learned and tasted 😉

Additional information


3 gin & tonics
All the material needed to prepare the drinks
A specialised bartender who will walk you through the steps of making G&T's
Having fun while making each gin & tonic