Gymkhana in Amsterdam


Will you be able to solve the mystery? Find out as you explore Amsterdam’s most iconic streets.

Additional information:
Location: Amsterdam
Duration: 2,5 hours
People: Minimum 6
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

If challenges are your thing and you also like to have a good time when visiting a new city, then here’s the right activity that matches your profile. Ready to enjoy our Gymkhana as you run around Amsterdam and try to solve the mystery?For two hours you will need to help the Rosicrucian order (a secret society) solve their sacred mystery as you discover one of the old member’s name. Known as a “sacred sender”, you will need to put all the pieces together and guess several riddles in order to find out the guy’s name. Does this not sound like one of the best experiences one could ask for?

Additional information


All the material needed in order to carry out the activity