Gymkhana in Seville


Are you looking for a new and fun way to get to know Seville? This game is filled with clues that you will need to solve in order to win the game. Let the games begin!

Additional Information:
Location: Sevilla
Duration: 1h:30 to 2 hours
People: Minimum 10
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

Would you like to test the bride right before her wedding? We know how! We organize a really fun Gymkhana for a memorable hen party in Seville.

There is a minimum of 10 people required to carry out the activity.

There is a choice between 3 different Gymkhanas:

1. Gymkhana downtown: 25€/person 

The first test will be for the friends of the bride, because you will have to dress the bride up in costume with the materials that the entertainers tell you to… prepare your best fashion skills to convince the bride that your costume is the best. Laughs are guaranteed!

Once the bride is dressed up, the tests around downtown Seville will begin! Talking, dancing, jumping… do you need anything else?
-Did anyone say stagefright? You will have to show off your best voice in downtown Seville… the song choice will be super fun!
-We will challenge you to a race. Who will be the first to cross the finish line without dropping the orange?
-Shall we practice our language skills? It is time to engage with the tourists and teach them “typical Spanish”. How about the steps to Paquito el Chocolatero or Aserejé?
-Now, it is time to dance! A street dance competition. Ready to move your hips?
-Time for the Conga? How many people can you convince to join your conga line?

2.  Gymkhana Secrets of Maria Luisa: 25€/person 

If you are a curious group and you would like to discover the charms of the Maria Luisa Park. Get ready to tour through the magical trails and to discover the legends of this place.
You will have to complete text fragments, look for clues, find images, face off in literary tests and even do a bit of math!

In this gymkhana you will walk through these 7 emblematic places:

1. El monte Gururú
2. Glorieta de Cervantes
3.Glorieta de Rodriguez Marín
4. Glorieta de los Hermanos Machado
5. Glorieta de los Hermanos Quintero
6. Estanque de los leones
7. Glorieta de Ofelia Nieto

3. Gymkhana Multimedia:  30€/person

New technology will be present in this gymkhana. The goal will be to get to know downtown Seville while solving the clues before the opposing team.

Each group will have a capitan, who will be responsible to carry a cellphone in which you will receive the first clue through WhatsApp: a map with which you will arrive to the next clue!

Additional information


All materials necessary for the Gymkhanas