Gymkhana in Valencia


Get ready for a couple of challenges you’ll need to face in the city centre and in the old town of Valencia. You’ll be learning a lot about the city as you enjoy a good time with your friends 🙂

Additional Information:
Location: Valencia
Duration: 2 hours
People: Minimum 3
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

Here’s the perfect and most fun way to get to know Valencia: a gymkhana that will take place across the city’s streets.

The group will be divided into small teams and those will compete against one another. You will need to take on several challenges across the Valencia’s city centre and its old town.

While carrying out these tests, you will get to know Valencia. You will get to learn about its many historical, cultural and artistic facets.

The tasks will be timed and the guide will help you get through them in case it gets really hard. The first team that manages to get all correct answers will be the winner and… will get a reward!

Additional information


Everything needed in order to be able to carry out the activity