Harry Potter’s magic Peddy Paper in Porto


Discover the most historical and hidden streets of Porto with a team peddy paper. Ready for a magical activity?

Additional information:
Location: Porto
Duration: 2 hours
People: At least 10
Accommodation: No
Transport: No


Ready to solve enigmas, defeat spells and try to find as many clues as posible in the city of Porto?

Your group will be divided in teams and you will start the game at San Benito train station. You will have to go on by resolving enigmas necessary to discover the most magical secrets Harry Potter left in the oldest streets of Porto. You will be walking across the city, in the streets where the muggles passed, until reaching the Lello library, a representative place of Harry Potter.

The game lasts 2 hours. During this time, each team will have a papyrus with 10 proofs together with a funcy dress to caracterize his/her character and to be even more involved in a role.

Additional information


1 papyrus with 10 messages
1 funcy dress/person
1 Harry Potter/s certificate
1 reward per team and for the winner