Karting in Amsterdam


The largest indoor karting circuit in Europe is located very close to the city center of Amsterdam. Whether you are an experienced driver or a begginer, you’ll have more fun than ever with one of our most popular attractions!

Additional information:
Location: Amsterdam
Duration: 10 minutes per race
People: Minimum 4
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

Karting in Amsterdam takes place in world class facilities, equipped with the most modern and best karts in a very extravagant circuit . You’ll feel like professionals when you compete on this circuit. Get ready, the champion of champions will win a trophy along an extra beer!

The races last 10 minutes, and before that you’ll be provided with a complete instruction and the necessary equipment to compete. At the end of the event, you’ll receive a performance sheet with lap times and the final results, a great way to keep proof of your glory (or shame) of this trip 😉

In addition, the possibility of extending the activity by adding extra races is as easy as letting us know you want to.


  • Groups up to 4 people in 2 races: 180€
  • More than 5 people in to races: 45€/person
  • Groups up to 4 people in 3 races: 220€
  • More than 5 people in 3 races: 55€/person

Additional information


10 minutes per race
Break between every race
1 beer per person
Printed scoring papers
Prize for the winner (one extra beer)