Karting in Berlin


Get your foot down on that accelerator and let’s ride!! 30 minutes to turn yourself into the king of the racetrack!

Additional information:
Location: Berlín
Duration: 30 minutes
People: Minimum 10
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

Press the accelerator and enjoy a good ride with our Karting in Berlin: you’ll make the most of your trip with your friends!!

For 30 minutes you will need to compete against each other to prove who’s the fastest of you all!! It is time to turn yourself into Michael Schuhmacher or Sebastian Vettel and show everyone that you can go faster than the fastest cars 😉

Before the beginning of the ride, we will be giving out security equipments as well as an introductory security talk. Maximum number of Karts on the track is 15, while minimum number of participants per group is 10.

The racetrack is located 25 minutes away from the city centre (you will need to take line M6 to get there) and the field is indoor.

Additional information


30 minutes ride
Security talk & security equipment