Paintball in Malta


Does anyone else love a good adrenaline rush while on holiday? Or is it just us? If you can relate, here’s our Paintball match: come try it and make an adventure out of your holiday in Malta!

Additional information:
Location: Malta
Duration: 2 hours aprox
People: Minimum 10
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

Are you ready for the most dynamic experience you could wish while on holiday in Malta? Come try our Paintball match and make sure to keep an original and unique memory of your time on one of the most peculiar islands of the Mediterranean.

We are willing to plan all of your events: whether during daytime or at nightime. Feel free to get in touch with us to check availability. The group will also be allowed to compete in group tournaments if there are over 30 participants.

The prices include all items/tools needed in order to carry out the activity + five 10-12 minutes long matches. You will be given 60 paintballs for each of the matches, thereby having 300 paintballs for your 5 matches.

You will also be allowed to add other paintballs once there. Here are the prices:

  • 60 extra paintballs: €3.50
  • 120 extra paintballs: €5.00

Additional information


All Kits + Equipments
5 games (10-12 minutes each)
300 paintballs