Paintballing in Malaga


Take aim and… shoot! Get hidden among all of the fields’ elements and win the game before you get shot! Try our Paintball in Malaga: quality fun guaranteed! 😉

Información adicional:
Location: Malaga
Duration: 1 hour
People: Minimum 8
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

This is war!! The Paintball battle is about to start in Malaga :)A lot of team-spirit will be needed in order to succeed and hit the opposite team’s target. Come try our Paintball in Malaga and make sure to win the game!

The activity includes everything that’s necessary in order for it to take place: masks, weapons, gloves, uniforms… on top of the accidents insurance. It is really important and mandatory to wear comfortable shoes.

You will be able to choose among these different options:

100 paintballs: 25€/person
300 paintballs: 29€/person
Extra 100 balls: 5€/person

Minimum group
 accepted for the activity is 8 people.


El número máximo de personas para el pole dance es de 16 personas.

Additional information


Material needed for the activity to take place
100 or 300 paintballs, depending on your choice