Paintballing North of Portugal – Pena Aventura Park


Pena Aventura Park offers 2 scenarios and good quality equipment for your paintball activity in the North of Portugal.

Additional information:
Location: Porto
Duration: –
People: At least 4
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

In Pena Aventura Park, you?ll have to choose between 2 scenarios for your paintball game, scenarios which are made for the realization of different games and battles simulations.

The options are the following ones:

  • Basic kit + 100 balls = 20 euros per person
  • Basic kit + 150 balls = 23 euros per person
  • Basic kit + 250 balls = 30 euros per person

You have to be at least 4 people to take advantage of this activity.

Additional information


Semi-automatic marker
Paintball Tank
Protection Mask
Neck Protector
Camouflage clothing