Parachute in Gran Canaria


Adventurous to the core? Then don’t miss the incredible view from a parachute with your friends!

Additional information:
Location: Gran Canaria
Duration: 10 minutes
People: Minimum 2
Accommodation: No
Transport: No


If you are the kind of person that can’t sit still because adventure seems to be calling you, this definitely is your activity.The pleasure of flying by parachute is a unique experience full of sensations. Is there a better way to enjoy the coast from both the heights and the high seas? Plus, with total securyty and comfort. You’ll feel the adrenaline during the ascent, and then enjoy the maximum relaxation provided by flying over the sea feeling its breeze. It’ll be a unique experience that you’ll remember forever.

It lasts 10 minutes and its prices are:
1 person – 45€
2 people – 80€
3 people – 120€
Person on boar – 10€

Additional information


Professional skipper