Peddy Paper in Lisbon


The Peddy Paper in Lisbon is just like a treasure hunt: get to know Lisbon as a team by answering questions and working together to reach an exciting endpoint.

Additional information:
Location: Lisbon
Duration: 4 hours
People: Minimum 6
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

This activity consists of work as a team to answer a series of questions about the city. There are 2 versions of the activity available: One for those who are visiting Lisbon for the first time and another for those who are no longer rookies.

How does it work? Easy (and fun): Your team will be split into several smaller teams, responding and getting new questions in order to reach the endpoint. The idea is that you will discover Lisbon’s secrets together in a fun and different way, competing against others.

This “treasure hunt” takes 4 hours and it is meant for a minimum of 6 people (29 euros per person). For groups of more than 10 people, the price is 25 euros each.

Additional information


Teams will be set up.
During the tour, teams are guided along routes and work together to perform tasks and win points.
Includes trolley ride, cream pie and one drink per person.
At the end, each group will receive a prize and a special reward for the best team player!