Photo city tour in Berlin


How does it sound to stop worrying about pictures? Leaving everything in the hands of a professional so you can enjoy your visit to the city without worries and with incredible memories as a result.

Additional information:
Location: Berlín
Duration: 2 hours
People: Minimum 10
Accommodation: No
Transport: No


Let yourselves be accompanied during 2 hours by a professional photographer who will capture your tour of the city in excellent images.

To select the locations of the pictures and the meeting point, you only need to agree with the photographer. Are you ready to feel the stars of the place being chased by paparazzis?

Also, to make the activity more enjoyable and get rid of all those embarrassments that may come up, you’ll have a bottle of sparkling wine included!

Price: 39€/person.

Additional information


Download of all pictures
1 bottle of sparkling wine