Pole Dance Burlesque Workshop in Mallorca


An activity where you will learn basic turns, tricks, and movements that will turn into a coreographed dance. It is time to get your sexy on!

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Location: Mallorca
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
People: Minimum 5 people
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

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For 1 hour and 30 minutes you will get a full experience of learning how to pole dance or go through a Burlesque skit. You will learn sexy turns, tricks, and movements that you wouldn’t believe your body could do. After, at the end you will gather all that you have learned and create a dance or show.
This is the perfect activity for any event: Bachelorette (Hen), divorce, birthday celebration, friend day, corporate events, etc.At the end of the activity you will enjoy a cup of Cava (white sparkling wine)Your imagination is unlimited! The activity can be modified to your necessities, likings, and specific desires.

30 € per person for activity and cup of Cava
45 € per person for activity, Cava, and snacks/appetizers (cold mini sandwiches, olives, Ham and Cheese rolls, Potato omlette)

*** You are able to add a photographer for the activity for an additional 89 € that can be divided amongst the group.

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90 minute class
Cup of Cava