Pole dance workshop in Amsterdam


Here’s a pole dance workshop in Amsterdam for you to enjoy it while showing off your sensual side 😉 dance like noone’s watching!!

Additional information:
Location: Amsterdam
Duration: 90 minutes
People: Minimum 4
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

The time has come to test your dancing skills including spins and twirls around a pole. Come try our pole dance workshop in Amsterdam!

For one and a half hours, a professional teacher will teach you the best techniques in order to perform a whole coreography. 😉

The class will start with a toast to the bride-to-be and the show will go on from there.

4 people: 50€ per person
5 people: 45€ per person
6-7 people: 40€ per person
8-9 people: 37.50€ per person
10-14 people: 35€ per person
15+ people: 32€ per person

The maximum number of participants is 16 people.

Additional information


A glass of wine to be drunk before the class
90 minutes long class
Professional teacher