Private Sailboat Rental in Alicante


Are you thinking about celebrating a hen or stag party in an original and unique way? This private sailboat rental is perfect for you!!

Additional Information:
Location: Alicante, Algarve
Duration: 8 hours
People: Maximum 9
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

You begin the journey in Alicante’s port in order to spend a day full of navigation, sun, music and baths in the beautiful water.

For a whole 8 hours we have for you a private sailboat with a maximum capacity of 9 people.

You can bring food and drinks with you on-board and enjoy the sunrays to make a perfect day with an amazing view of the coast of Alicantina, Tabarca Island and Calas Recónditas.

The price starts at 599€ for 8 hours of rental. Who is ready to have the time of their life?

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Rental of Private Sailboat (8 hours)