Private sailboat ride in Gran Canaria


Enjoy an unforgettable experience among friends with a private sailboat ride on the coast of Gran Canaria’s island. Join us?

Additional information:
Location: Gran Canaria
Duration: 3 or 5 hours
People: Maximum 7
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

If there is an activity that never disappoints, that would be a private sailboat ride, this time around in Gran Canaria.

The departure is from Anfi del Mar, located 15 minutes by car from Maspalomas.

You can choose between a 3-hour or a 5-hour trip in which you’ll enjoy the sea, the views and most importantly: a new and different experience.

We’ll sail through crystal clear waters, and we’ll go to the most remote places, how about a quick swim in the high seas of the Atlantic?

Besides, you’ll be able to take both food and beverage on board. Isn’t it a great plan?

This sailboat has a maximun capacity of 7 people.


  • 3 hours: 335€
  • 5 hours: 520€

We can also make as many arrangements as necessary to pick you guys up from Maspalomas Arena or from Mogán Arena

Additional information


Pick up at hotels in Mogán and Maspalomas
3-hour tour: snack and drinks
5-hour tour: food, beverages and a banana ride on your way back