Private yacht in Algarve for groups


Let’s sail along the Algarve coast on a private yacht while enjoying the sun, some music, the beach and most importantly: your company!

Información adicional:
Location: Albufeira, Algarve
Duration: 3 hours
People: At least 6 people
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

If there’s a plan that never fails in a hen or stag party, that would be a boat! Either a boat party, a shared ride or a private yacht just for ourselves!

This time around, it’s our turn to be that kind of people whose aim is to gaze at the stunning beaches and bathes around the yacht. Besides, of course, enjoying an incredible navigation route while watching the viewsof the coast of Algarve.

The departure is from the port of Albufeira and the navigation lasts 3 hours.

The price of the boat is 420€ for those 3 hours and has a capacity of 14 people.

**It’s not allowed to take food or drinks on board. You can find all you need at the ship’s bar.

And if what you’re looking for is an entire day, we have the option of sailing for 6 hours and having a barbecue on a beach that’s only accessible by boat. Price of the boat: 955€

Additional information


3 hours of private sailing

Not included

Drink that will have to be paid on board