Pub Crawl in Budapest


Join Budapest’s most exciting pub crawl: there’ll be no excuse not to drink a couple glasses more than you should!

Additional information:
Location: Budapest
Duration: Arpund 3 hours
People: Minimum 1
Accommodation: No
Transport: No


Visiting Budapest is a fantastic experience in itself, but it gets even better when you do it with the right people. Pubs are one of the main attractions in Budapest, not only for tourists but rather for locals. Every night a team of backpackers, locals and guests join forces to give tourists a little taste of Budapest’s ruin clubs.

You will get to know new people from all over the world as you explore the city’s iconic ruin pubs. You will swing by several pubs for a couple of shots and ask locals for suggestions on where to go.

The majority of pubs are very close to one another and there’ll be no need to buy a ticket for public transports. The activity’s aim is to make you have a good time. As a matter of fact, there’ll be a free shot in each of the pubs for you to enjoy.

Our tours start every night at 9pm at Fogasház, 49-51 Akácfa Street. It doesn’t matter whether you show up with your friends or on your own: everyone’s welcome!

Additional information


A whole night of fun
You'll get to visit three of the best ruin pubs of the city. On top of that, you will also visit a world-famous club.
Free alcohol shot in each of the pubs
You'll jump the queue and not pay for the entrance
The tour ends in a proper club