Shared Sail Boat Trip in Malta


You will be sharing the ride with 10 people who will enjoy the crystal-clear sea waters of Malta. Get on board and enjoy the island of Malta in a more intimate way!

Additional information:
Location: Malta
Duration: 7 hours
People: Maximum 10
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

If you wish to sail around Malta while avoiding to get on board very crowded boats, here’s a more intimate option: a shared sail boat trip in Malta. Only 10 people will be allowed on board, together with the their good vibes only.

The ride will last for 7 hours, starting from 9 am 🙂

The activity includes the following: skipper & sailor on board, lunch (dips, pasta/rice salad, fruit, fizzy drinks, water, plenty of tea), mask & tube to dive, little additional boat that will manage to get you on the land.

There are three route options you can choose from, if the weather allows:
Comino Island (Blue Lagoon, Crystal Lagoon, S. Maria Caves)
Malta’s East Coast (Coast Lagoon, Malliha Bay, St Paul’s Islands, Selmun Bay)
Malta’s West Coast (Popeye Village, Golden Bay, Tuffieha Bay, Dingli Cliff)

May, June, September: 65€/person
July, August: 70€/person

The most usual route is the one to the Comino island, which happens to be one of the most visited places in Malta. The ride will take you to the Blue Lagoon, one of Malta’s most magical places where the sea water is crystal-clear. As soon as we get there, the boat will anchor for a good while, in order for you to have time to go for a swim. You will also get to choose whether you want to visit Cominoto or to chill while sunbathing.

You will encounter many more bays on your way, not as famous but just as equally beautiful, like the Crystal Lagoon. You will get to dive and snorkel around its caves and tunnels. Among the ones you will get to visit, we cannot forget to mention the S. Maria & St. Nicolas caves.

As you admire the seabed through your snorkeling activity, you will stumble across the majestic P-31, located 9 meters underwater. It can also be seen from above.

Additional information


Skipper & Sailor
Drink (Fizzy drinks, water). You will be allowed to bring other drinks on board.
Additional boat to reach the land.


9-9:30 am: Meeting point close to the boat and departure towards Comino. The route will take you across many of the island's bays.
1:30 pm: Food will be served. The menu includes: dips, pasta/rice salad, fruit, fizzy drinks, water, coffee, tea
3pm: We will keep visiting the rest of the bays
4:30 to 5 pm: back to the departure harbour & end of the trip.