SPARTY in Budapest


Change the concept of relaxing in a spa and live an unforgettable party.

Additional information:
Location: Budapest
Duration: 4 hours
People: Minimum 2
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

We’re sure that until now, your mind related thermal baths with relaxation…  Well, in Budapest it’s not like that at all 😉
During the day you can enjoy a relaxing bath in the thermal baths, but… when the night arrives, the relaxing moment ends!Lights, music, drinks and lots of people wanting to dance in all the spa’s pools.
An experience you won’t forget. Can you imagine it snows? The water is at 38ºC, so nothing that happens outside the pools matters.There are different tickets: 

  • Basic: Party + locker: 53€/persona
  • Premium: Party + locker + 2 drinks: 63€/person

The party takes place in the famous spa “Szechenyi bath” every Saturday from February to December.

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