Yacht Ride in Seville


Tour Seville through the Guadalquivir river in a luxurious private yacht just for you. Who is ready to enjoy Seville in a 5-star way?

Additional Information:
Location: Sevilla
Duration: 1 hour
People: Maximum 12
Accommodation: No
Transport: No

Enjoy the beautiful views of the city of Seville from a different point of view.

We will start our yacht ride in Seville in a peculiar way: with virtual reality glasses that will show you the city of Seville from the sky.

Once you’ve seen Seville from the sky, we will start to navigate through the Guadalquivir river for 1 hour where you will get to relax with background music and forget about all your problems.

During the ride, there will be a tasting of Iberian chacina of premium quality (ham, loin, chorizo and sausage) accompanied by a refreshing, typical Rebujito to enjoy the experience with all of your senses.

The yacht is 20m in length and is equipped with everything necessary to create a perfect ambiance: air conditioner, bar with italian design, piped music, superior terrace with sofas…

*Price: 35€/person, based on 12 people

Additional information


1-hour-long Yacht Ride
Video with virtual reality glasses over Seville
Snacks and drink during the ride