Escape the crowds: Explore Alicante's hidden beach paradises

Tired of crowded beaches? You are in the right place. We will take you along less traveled paths to explore the hidden paradises of Alicante's beaches.

Imagine relaxing on the serene Playa Del Torres, discovering the hidden gem of Cala Cantalar or immersing yourself in the tranquil world of Cala De La Higuera.

Ready for an out-of-the-ordinary adventure? Let's escape the crowds together and discover the secret beaches of Alicante. Your journey to freedom awaits you.

Key takeaways

  • Alicante is home to several hidden beach paradises, including Cala Del Metge, Cala Cantalar, Playa Del Torres, Playa De L'esparrello and Cala De La Higuera.
  • These beaches offer a unique combination of natural beauty, cultural significance and tranquility, making them perfect for escaping the crowds.
  • The beaches are characterized by their crystal clear waters, abundant marine life, lush vegetation and hidden coves, creating a paradisiacal environment.
  • Visitors can also enjoy activities such as snorkelling, exploring ancient ruins and experiencing the vibrant underwater world, adding to the appeal of these hidden beach paradises.

Discovering Cala Del Metge

You'll find your next hidden gem in Cala Del Metge, a secluded beach paradise waiting to be discovered. Nestled on Alicante's rugged coastline, Metge's ecosystem teems with vibrant marine life and lush vegetation, a testament to its unspoiled beauty. Your adventurous spirit will delight exploring hidden coves, diving in crystal clear waters and enjoying pristine sands.

But it's not just about natural wonders. Cala Del Metge also has cultural significance, with remains of ancient fishing traditions still visible. Local fishermen's huts dot the landscape, whispering stories of a simpler life. These timeless scenes resonate with a sense of freedom, a call to escape the mundane.

The Serene Playa Del Torres

After enjoying the unspoiled beauty of Cala Del Metge, your next stop on this Alicante adventure should be the serene Playa Del Torres. This remarkable beach is steeped in Torres history. Let yourself be carried away by the past by exploring the ancient Roman watchtower that proudly overlooks the sea, a silent sentinel that has witnessed centuries past.

Feel the golden sand between your fingers while the soft murmur of the turquoise sea calms you. The welcoming Spanish sun warms your skin, creating a perfect backdrop for your escape from the mundane. Taste the local cuisine, treat yourself to a plate of 'arroz a banda', a delicious rice with seafood, while savoring the spicy flavor of the local 'fondillón' wine.

Experience the simple pleasures that Playa Del Torres generously offers. Your adventure in Alicante continues.

The hidden gem: Cala Cantalar

Venture off the beaten path and discover Cala Cantalar, a hidden gem on the stunning Alicante coast.

This secluded retreat is a spectacle of nature's abundance, showcasing Cantalar's biodiversity in its purest form.

Dive into the blue waters, home to an abundance of marine life as enchanting as the surrounding landscape. You will feel the thrill of freedom as you explore the vibrant underwater world by snorkelling, each discovery is a new adventure.

As the day progresses, prepare for a captivating spectacle: the sunset in Cantalar. It is a stunning sight that paints the sky in shades of gold and crimson as the sun dips below the horizon.

Cala Cantalar is not just a beach; It is a paradise that will make you fall in love with the wild side of Alicante.

Exploring the quiet Cala De La Higuera

Swap the bustling crowds for the serene atmosphere of Cala De La Higuera, a beach lover's paradise with tranquility in abundance. This hidden gem is the epitome of tranquil getaways, nestled between rugged cliffs and the sparkling Mediterranean. Higuera's pristine biodiversity flourishes here, creating a nature lover's dream. You'll be greeted by a symphony of bird calls reflecting off the cliffs as you step onto the soft, sun-warmed sand.

Dive into the clear blue waters, teeming with vibrant marine life. You're not just swimming, you're immersing yourself in a living, breathing underwater world. As the sun sets, the sky bursts into a palette of pastel hues, adding to the magical aura of the beach.

The Secret of Playa De L'esparrello

Next, you'll discover the secret appeal of Playa De L'esparrello, a secluded beach that's truly off the beaten track. It's a hidden treasure where Esparrello's biodiversity thrives, from the dance of seaweed in the blue waters to the lively shorebirds that glide along the shoreline.

You will feel a sense of freedom as you explore this untouched paradise. Ancient ruins whisper stories of historical importance, adding a sense of mystery and adventure to your trip.

The appeal of L'esparrello lies not only in its tranquil beauty, but also in its ability to transport you back in time. Here, you're not just escaping the crowds; You are entering a world rich in nature and history, a well-kept secret waiting to reveal itself to you.

Frequent questions

What is the best time of year to visit these hidden beach paradises in Alicante?

You'll find Alicante's secluded beaches most accessible and serene during spring and early fall. You'll avoid the summer crowds and still be able to participate in the season's festivities. It is an authentic and liberating experience that you should not miss.

Are there any particular safety considerations I should keep in mind when visiting these beaches?

Yes, while enjoying Alicante's secluded beaches, you should practice beach etiquette and be prepared for emergencies. Don't forget that you are in a remote place, so always respect nature and have a safety plan prepared.

What local fauna can be found on these hidden beaches in Alicante?

You'll find diverse wildlife on Alicante's hidden beaches, which offer incredible wildlife photography opportunities. From playful dolphins to majestic seabirds, conservation efforts in Alicante ensure these creatures thrive. It is an adventure brimming with the beauty of life.

Are there any restaurants or cafes near these hidden beaches for tourists to enjoy?

Yes, you'll find a surprising number of restaurants and cafes near these secluded beaches. It's a great opportunity to explore local cuisine and enjoy a unique beachside dining experience. You will not be disappointed.

What types of water sports are available on these hidden beaches in Alicante?

You'll find a variety of water sports on Alicante's secluded beaches. Surfing, paddleboarding and snorkeling equipment rentals are available. Local instructors are also available, making it easy to dive into a new adventure.


And just like that, you've discovered Alicante's best-kept secrets, its hidden beach paradises, far from the maddening crowds. Isn't it ironic? You were looking for solitude and you found an abundance, each beach more captivating than the last.

Now, that secret is revealed. But don't worry, these gems are still intact and waiting. Pack your bags, embark on an adventure and let the blue waters of Alicante's secluded beaches record unforgettable memories of your stay in Spain.

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