Gran Canaria is the perfect destination whatever you are looking for. Do you want to relax? Then you can go to its wonderful beaches where you can spend the whole day lying in the sun as if it were the Caribbean. Some more movement? ¿Tour the island from end to end? No problem! And if you have ever heard that there is no party atmosphere in Gran Canaria, that is because they don't know us! Grab your group of colleagues and party! Here you have the best joints and Gran Canaria nightclubs to not stop dancing until the sun rises.

And if you allow us a recommendation, start with some mojitos on a terrace by the sea and snack on something while you have a few drinks and get in the mood, what do you think?


Anfi Island (Mogán)

If you are one of those who search lie down while you drink a mojito or a caipirinha to the rhythm of the best-known DJs, keep reading because you are going to want to teleport there right now. The Maroa nightclub has all the ingredients to become the best chill out that you have ever visited: white loungers, music, good drinks, delicious cocktails and all on the shore of the beach on the island of Anfi.
Your only concern will be that the glass never remains empty. You are already imagining yourself there, right?


Playa del Inglés (Maspalomas)

Of course, the disco giant par excellence could not be missing from the islands. Pachá Gran Canaria gets a full house every weekend, and if we talk about partying, no matter which city you visit, you will always find a venue belonging to this king of nightlife and which, without a doubt, is a safe bet.
The room has two different environments and a terrace with armchairs to get some fresh air between dances. It also offers the possibility of being taken in a limousine, of course, the return trip is everyone's responsibility...

Kopa Terrace

CC Santa Catalina Pier (Santa Catalina)

The best nightclubs in Gran Canaria

The Kopa terrace is a huge open-air disco in one of the most famous and lively areas of the island, Santa Catalina. Quite reasonable prices and plenty of bars spread throughout the place so that ordering a drink doesn't become an odyssey. And as for music, there is something for all tastes, so if you don't like a song, don't worry, the next one will surely be yours 😉

Ozone Club

Playa del Inglés (Maspalomas)

For those who want to extend the party until the wee hours of the morning, Club Ozono, in addition to being one of the most popular nightclubs on the island, It doesn't close until 7! Every night the room becomes a temple of techno performed by numerous well-known DJs. And if you want to rest between great songs, they have several rooms with more relaxed music where you can have a few drinks and then come back to give it your all. Will you be able to hold out until they hang the closed sign?

Generation X Auditorium

Canalejas Street (Las Palmas)

Going out for drinks at a reasonable price? Yes, although it may seem like a lie, it is possible. In this pub in Las Palmas you will have to be careful because with the thousand offers they have It's too easy to end up having the odd drink too many. And also if you get the itch and get hungry, they also have hamburgers and other snacks. And all this… to the rhythm of music!

Kasbah Shopping Center

Playa del Inglés (Maspalomas)

This shopping center It is the nighttime meeting point for both tourists and Canarians.. It has several pubs and clubs with different styles of music so you can choose from what you most want to dance to that night. A recommendation is the Mojito pub, which is always packed and they usually have theme parties every weekend. Are you good at sauce? Then Friday is your day!

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