Full Moon Alert for Travelers in Spain: October 2023's Luminous Spectacle

Attention travelers and visitors in Spain! The month of October brings with it a heavenly gift that you won't want to miss. The Hunter's Moon is ready to light up the Spanish skies, offering a stunning view that perfectly complements the beauty of Spain.

Historically known as the Hunter's Moon, this lunar event has roots in the traditions of the native tribes of North America. They used this time, with the only position of the moon low on the horizon, to hunt at night, preparing for the colder months to come.

Mark your calendars! The full Hunter's Moon is scheduled to grace the skies on the last weekend of October 2023. The most radiant moment is expected to be on Saturday, October 28 at 10:24 pm Spanish local time. Although it will be almost full the day before, the glow of the moon on the 28th is something every traveler should experience.

Fun fact for those exploring Spain during Halloween: The Hunter's Moon will shine brightly just days before Halloween. Since October 31 is a national holiday here, many Spanish towns take advantage of the moon's glow to enhance their spooky celebrations. So, if you're a fan of legends, watch out for those werewolves who might be basking in the lunar glow!

This moon often appears larger with a hint of orange, evoking a focus that guided hunters in the past. With the Harvest Moon of the previous month already past, the open fields become a park for wildlife, illuminated by this moon.

Although "Hunter's Moon" is its most common name, various cultures have their own titles for this lunar event. Some tribes named it based on its color, while others took inspiration from nature. Names like Dry Rice Moon, Fallen Leaves Moon, Frozen Moon, and Ice Moon hint at the change of seasons. For bird enthusiasts, the Cree tribe's name, Luna Migratoria, might resonate as it coincides with bird migration season.

So whether you're in Spain for leisure or adventure, be sure to look up and enjoy this natural wonder! Have a safe trip and clear skies!

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