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Complete list of Leeds United Kingdom football matches

Are you a Leeds United fan? Get ready to plan your schedule as we bring you the full list of your UK football matches.

From Premier League clashes to key matches in the Championship, FA Cup, League Cup and Europa League, we've got you covered.

Whether it's home or away games, we've compiled all the important games you don't want to miss.

Stay tuned for an exciting season!

Key points

  • Leeds United's return to the Premier League after 16 years has generated excitement and anticipation among fans.
  • Leeds United's intense playing style and passionate fans, combined with the historic Elland Road stadium, create an intimidating atmosphere for opposing teams.
  • Leeds United's upcoming matches in the Championship against promotion rivals West Bromwich Albion, Brentford and Fulham will be crucial in determining their chances of securing promotion.
  • Leeds United's impressive recent form, with five consecutive league wins, has placed them at the top of the table and increased their chances of winning the Championship title.

Premier League schedule

Check out the upcoming Premier League matches for Leeds United Kingdom Football Club.

As Leeds return to the Premier League after a 16-year absence, their debut has the potential to have a significant impact on other teams in the league. The excitement surrounding Leeds' rise has been palpable and many are eager to see how they will fare against the established giants of English football.

Their intense playing style, characterized by high energy and pressure, could disrupt opposing teams' tactics and force them to adapt. Additionally, Leeds' passionate fan base and historic Elland Road stadium will create an intimidating atmosphere for visiting teams.

It will be intriguing to witness the influence Leeds United have on the Premier League and how other teams respond to their style of play.

Championship Dates

Now let's take a look at Leeds' upcoming games in the Championship.

These fixtures will be crucial to their title chances as they look to secure promotion to the Premier League.

Keep an eye on key Championship matches as they will play a significant role in determining Leeds' success this season.

Upcoming Leeds matches

Get ready for Leeds' upcoming matches in the Championship with a breakdown of their fixtures.

Leeds United have been in excellent form recently, winning their last five games in the league. Their solid performances have taken them to the top of the table, making them serious contenders for promotion to the Premier League.

However, the team has been plagued by injuries to key players. Star striker Patrick Bamford is currently sidelined with a hamstring injury, while influential midfielder Kalvin Phillips is also out with a knee problem. These absences may pose a challenge for Leeds, but they have shown resilience and depth in their squad throughout the season.

With tough clashes against promotion rivals West Bromwich Albion and Brentford on the way, Leeds will need to maintain their momentum and find ways to overcome these setbacks.

  • Leeds recent form: 5 consecutive wins
  • Key player injuries: Patrick Bamford (hamstring), Kalvin Phillips (knee)
  • Tough upcoming fixtures: West Bromwich Albion, Brentford

Key matches of the championship.

Take a look at some crucial Championship matches Leeds United will face in the coming weeks. These matches will play an important role in determining Leeds' promotion chances.

A key match to take into account is the confrontation against their direct rivals in the promotion, West Bromwich Albion. This match will be a real test of their capabilities and could have a big impact on their position in the league.

Another important match is the confrontation against Fulham, another team fighting for promotion. Leeds will need to be at their best to ensure a positive result in this match.

As for top scorers, keep an eye on Patrick Bamford and Pablo Hernández, who have been instrumental in Leeds' attack this season. Their contributions will be crucial in these high-stakes matches.

Leeds Title Opportunities

To assess Leeds United's chances of winning the title in the Championship, it is important to analyze their upcoming matches. The team's recent performance has been impressive, with a series of victories taking them to the top of the table. This consistent performance has had a significant impact on the fans, who are now filled with hope and excitement at the possibility of winning the title.

Leeds' next matches will be crucial in determining their fate. They will face tough opponents, including some of the best teams in the league. However, if they can maintain their current form and continue to perform at their best, there is a high probability that they can secure the title.

Fans eagerly look forward to every match as they believe this could be the season in which Leeds finally clinch the Championship title.

FA Cup matches

Check out the upcoming FA Cup matches for the Leeds United Kingdom football team.

Leeds' performance in the FA Cup has been impressive so far, with the team reaching the fourth round. In the previous rounds, they defeated Crawley Town and Stoke City, showing their determination and ability on the field.

Looking ahead, Leeds will face Arsenal in the next round of the competition. This match is expected to be a tough challenge for Leeds as Arsenal are a strong Premier League team. However, Leeds have proven capable of surprising their opponents and could cause an upset.

Fans will be eagerly awaiting this clash, hoping that Leeds can continue their successful run in the FA Cup.

League Cup matches

Let's take a look at the upcoming Cup matches for Leeds United in the League Cup.

This includes their opponents in Cup matches, as well as the schedule of these matches.

Stay tuned to find out who Leeds will face in their quest for cup success.

Upcoming Cup matches

Take note of the three upcoming League Cup games for Leeds United:

  • Leeds United vs. Manchester City: An exciting clash between two top teams, this match will test Leeds United's resolve against one of the strongest teams in the country. It's a chance for Leeds United to prove themselves and possibly cause an upset.
  • Leeds United vs. Liverpool: Another tough test awaits Leeds United when they take on reigning Premier League champions Liverpool. This match will provide an opportunity for Leeds United to showcase their skills against a formidable opponent and possibly make a statement in the cup competition.
  • Leeds United vs. Chelsea: A confrontation against one of the traditional powerhouses of English football, Leeds United will have to be at their best to overcome the challenge posed by Chelsea. This match will test Leeds United's ability to compete against high quality opposition and could serve as a platform for their cup ambitions.

Cup matches are of great importance to Leeds United, offering a different format and the opportunity to compete against some of the best teams in the country. These matches provide an opportunity for Leeds United to measure their progress and demonstrate their capabilities on a bigger stage.

Leeds Cup opponents

Facing tough competition, Leeds United will test their resolve against formidable opponents in the League Cup matches. Leeds' record in the cup has been a mix of notable successes and disappointments.

An analysis of cup performance reveals that Leeds have had varying levels of success in the League Cup throughout their history. Although they have had some good runs, including reaching the final in 1996, they have also experienced early eliminations in other seasons.

The cup matches will provide an opportunity for Leeds to showcase their skills and possibly go far in the tournament. However, they will need to overcome tough opponents and put in solid performances to achieve this.

Leeds fans will be eager to watch and support their team as they look to make their mark in the League Cup.

Cup match schedule

To view Leeds United's League Cup match schedule, check out the football club's official website. Here are the upcoming dates and venues for the cup matches:

  • September 22, 2022: Leeds United vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers at Elland Road.
  • October 26, 2022: Leeds United vs. Manchester United at Old Trafford.
  • November 30, 2022: Leeds United vs. Leicester City at Elland Road.

These matches promise exciting and challenging encounters for Leeds United in the League Cup. As the club competes against strong opponents such as Wolverhampton Wanderers, Manchester United and Leicester City, fans can expect intense matches with a lot at stake.

The team will have the opportunity to showcase their skills in both home and away matches, creating an exciting atmosphere for fans.

Keep an eye on the football club's official website for any changes or updates to the cup match schedule.

Europa League schedule

You can watch Leeds United's next matches in the Europa League.

Leeds United's performance in the Europa League has been impressive so far, with the team reaching the knockout stages of the competition. Europa League matches have had a significant impact on Leeds' position in the Premier League standings.

The extra matches in the Europa League have put pressure on the team, leading to fatigue and injuries. This has affected their performance in the Premier League, with Leeds dropping points in some crucial games.

However, the experience gained from competing in Europe's second-tier club competition has also provided valuable learning opportunities for the team.

Leeds United will need to find a balance between their Europa League campaign and their domestic league aspirations to maintain a strong position in the Premier League standings.

Friendly Match Schedule

Now let's take a look at the schedule of Leeds United's upcoming friendly matches. These matches, played during the preseason, serve as important preparation for the team before the start of official competitions.

Friendly matches not only provide an opportunity for players to regain their fitness level, but also allow the coaching staff to test different tactics and formations. The impact of these matches on team morale is significant, as they help build trust and cohesion among the group.

It is crucial that Leeds United perform well in these friendlies to boost team spirit and set a positive tone for next season. The results of these matches can influence the team's mentality and set the tone for their performance in competitive matches.

Derby matches

When it comes to derby matches, the intensity of the rivalry and the history between the teams are key points to consider. These matches usually feature very intense and passionate football, with both teams giving their best to secure bragging rights.

Additionally, clashes between each team's key players can greatly influence the outcome of the match. The individual skill and performance of star players can make a significant difference in the final result. These head-to-head battles add an extra layer of excitement and anticipation for fans.

Additionally, derby matches can have a significant impact on league standings. A win or loss in a derby match can greatly affect a team's position in the table. Points won or lost can make a big difference in the fight for the league title or securing a place in a European competition.

Rivalry intensity and history

Explore the intense and historic rivalries at football matches in Leeds, United Kingdom.

The city of Leeds is home to several football clubs that have a long history of fierce competition. The intensity of the rivalry between these clubs is unparalleled, creating an atmosphere of excitement and passion among fans.

Here are three notable rivalries in Leeds football:

  • Leeds United vs. Manchester United: This rivalry dates back to the 1960s and has been fueled by the competition between the two clubs for dominance in English football. Matches between these two teams are always highly anticipated and have great historical importance.
  • Leeds United vs. Sheffield Wednesday: The rivalry between these two Yorkshire teams is based on their geographical proximity. Matches between Leeds United and Sheffield Wednesday are known for their intense atmosphere and fierce battles on the pitch.
  • Leeds United vs. Bradford City: This local derby is characterized by its intense rivalry and the passionate support of both groups of fans. Matches between these two clubs often result in high-energy encounters, and the result holds great importance for both teams.

These rivalries add an extra layer of excitement and drama to football matches in Leeds, UK, making them must-see events for any football enthusiast.

Key Player Matchups

Who are the key players to watch in Leeds United derby matches in the UK? When it comes to player analysis and tactical strategies, these matchups are crucial.

In the intense rivalries faced by Leeds United, certain players often stand out as key figures in determining the outcome of the match.

For example, in the fierce rivalry with Manchester United, keep an eye on Leeds' dynamic midfielder Kalvin Phillips, who plays a crucial role in disrupting the opposing team's attacks and initiating counterattacks.

On the other hand, Manchester United attacking midfielder Bruno Fernandes is known for his creativity and ability to unlock defences. The clash between these two players could greatly influence the outcome of the match.

These derby matches are not just battles between teams, but also battles between key players, making them even more exciting to watch.

Impact on league standings

In derby matches, results often have a significant impact on the league standings, regularly determining Leeds United's position and progress in the football season. The team's recent form plays a crucial role in these matches as it directly affects their chances of winning and moving up the league table.

If Leeds United have been performing well in their recent matches, it can boost the morale of the players and give them the confidence to perform at their best in derby matches. On the other hand, if the team has been struggling, it can have a negative impact on player morale and potentially lead to poor performances in these crucial matches.

Therefore, the outcome of derby matches can have a ripple effect on the league standings, shaping the team's overall season.

Home accessories

His next home games for Leeds United Kingdom Football Club are as follows.

Home advantage has been a significant factor in Leeds' success over the years. Playing in front of their passionate fans at Elland Road, the team has thrived many times, feeding off the energy in the stadium. This has not only improved their performance on the field, but has also had a positive impact on fan attendance at home.

Loyal Leeds fans fill the stands, creating an intimidating atmosphere for visiting teams. The upcoming home games provide an opportunity for fans to continue their unwavering support. With matchups against strong opponents, it will be crucial for Leeds to maintain their home form and take advantage of the advantage they have. The team will have to take advantage of the fans' energy to secure valuable points and climb the league standings.

Away games

For Leeds United Football Club in the United Kingdom, the challenges of playing away from home await. Leeds' away match record will play a crucial role in determining their league position.

Here are three key points to consider:

  • Consistency: Leeds' ability to maintain strong performances away from home will be essential. Consistently scoring points on the road will help them climb the league table and secure a higher position.
  • Tough opponents: Away games often present tougher challenges, as teams tend to be more dominant on their own turf. Leeds must be prepared to face strong opponents and adapt their game plan accordingly.
  • Psychological factor: Playing away from home can have an impact on a team's confidence and mentality. Overcoming the psychological barriers associated with away games will be crucial for Leeds to perform at their best.

Successfully navigating their away games will be key to Leeds United Football Club in the UK achieving their desired position in the league.

Key matches to watch.

Keep an eye on these important matches as you follow Leeds United Kingdom Football Club's journey this season.

With key player injuries and tactical analysis playing a crucial role, these matches promise to be exciting.

A game to watch is the clash against Manchester United as it will show Leeds' ability to compete against top-flight teams.

Another important game is the match against Liverpool, where Leeds will have to plan strategies to counter their fast attacking style.

The matchup against Chelsea will test Leeds' defensive capabilities as they will face a strong and organized team.

Finally, the match against Manchester City will require Leeds to be at their best, testing their tactical approach against the reigning champions.

These matches will provide a great insight into Leeds' progress and potential in the Premier League.

End of season schedule

Wondering which teams Leeds United Kingdom Football Club will face at the end of the season? Well, here are the key matches you should keep an eye on:

  • Leeds vs Manchester United: An exciting showdown that could have a significant impact on Leeds' final position in the league and their European qualification hopes.
  • Leeds vs Liverpool: An exciting match against one of the best teams in the league, where Leeds will seek to prove their worth against the best.
  • Leeds vs Tottenham: A crucial match that could determine Leeds' chances of finishing in the top half of the table.

As the end of the season approaches, these matches will not only determine the final standings in the league, but will also have implications on the transfer market. Good performances in these matches could see Leeds players win prizes at the end of the season, increasing their value and attracting interest from other clubs.

Frequent questions

Are there any international matches included in the list of Leeds, UK football matches?

Yes, international matches are included in the Leeds UK football fixtures list. These matches can have a significant impact on Leeds United's performance and are important breaks in the football calendar.

Are there any restrictions or limitations on attending matches due to Covid-19?

There may be restrictions or limitations on attending games due to COVID-19. These measures affect local businesses and may cause different reactions and opinions from fans. Stay informed and follow the guidelines for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Can visitors purchase match tickets online?

Yes, you can buy match tickets online. The online ticket purchasing process is convenient and allows you to easily check match ticket availability. Enjoy the freedom of supporting Leeds United!

Is there a separate fixture list for Leeds United youth teams?

Yes, there is a separate fixture list for Leeds United youth teams. You can find their youth team's fixtures and schedules on Leeds United's official website or through their mobile app.

Are there any special events or promotions planned for home games?

There are special events and promotions planned for Leeds United home games. Stay tuned for exciting activities and offers to enhance your experience and make it even more memorable.


In conclusion, the complete fixture list for Leeds United Kingdom football includes matches from the Premier League, Championship, FA Cup, League Cup and Europa League.

Both home and away games are included, with key matches highlighted to watch.

Matches at the end of the season are also listed, giving fans an exciting lineup of games to look forward to.

Stay tuned for the exciting action that awaits Leeds United next season.

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