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Zagreb in a DAY

When I chose the capital of Croatia as my Erasmus destination, many things were going through my head. What would the people be like, the culture, the climate, the way of life... And the truth is that this adventure that I immersed myself in a couple of months ago has managed to captivate me and has made me have a little bit of Hrvatska inside me. Ready to discover Zagreb in one day from the hand of an intrepid Galician?

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The first stop for any foreigner is Bana Josipa Jelačića Square, famous for its large statue and clock. Both points are used by young people to meet since it is the heart of the city. From there, we can move in any direction since The size of the historic center allows us to visit practically all the monuments in one morning.

My recommendation is to go up in the direction of Tkalčićeva Ulica, the street with the highest proportion of bars and pubs per square meter. It is a pedestrian street made up only of this type of establishments, so if you need to gain strength with a coffee, it is the best option.

St. Mark's Church_Zagreb

Furthermore, if you walk to the end of the street, you will see a small fritu stand, small typical Croatian buns served with Nutella or sugar (wonderful). Continue towards the upper part of the city to reach the famous church of San Marcos, whose roof delights tourists. However, do not delay too long because The best is behind the Kula Lotršćak bell tower: you will fall in love with the views of the entire city. Finally, you can take the opportunity to visit the Museum of Broken Relationships which is located in that part of Zagreb and go down the stairs on the left to reach the Cathedral.


A good option is to visit the Dolac, the municipal market, and discover typical Croatian products through its stalls. It is located very close to the Cathedral, so you will have no problem finding it. Right next door you will see several restaurants and at the end of everything, a small white tiled shop that only sells burek, one of the typical foods along with Ćevapi and Pljeskavica (although these two are more Serbian than Croatian). Choose between meat, cheese or apple and enjoy the fat flowing down into your stomachs! But if you are in a healthy mode, you can always pay a little more and enjoy a good fish or a well-prepared meat dish. Many times eating out is even cheaper than cooking at home, so do your research, 😉


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With a full stomach you can have a coffee at Vincek, whose cakes will surprise you. On this occasion, walk in the opposite direction to that in the morning to reach Tomislava Square. There is the Arts & Crafts Museum, a beautiful building both inside and out. If you continue straight you will come across Glavni Kolovdor, the large train station from which you will have a good perspective to take a souvenir photo. Additionally, I recommend visiting the National Theater; You can say that you are art students and they may let you see some work for free standing up. Worth!

If all this were not enough, take a tram to Maksimir Park and walk among its lakes to relax your body and mind.


Peppermint Zagreb

The nightlife in Zagreb is very varied. Thus, everything will depend on your tastes. If you like the rock, don't leave without having a beer in Alcatraz. One of my favorite bars both for its decoration, its location and its music. If you are more than jazz, you are in luck. Bacchus, Melin and Booze and Blues will be your favorite destinations. Remember to review the events (there are many every week) and choose the one you like the most. If he techno It's your thing, one of the best underground areas of Zagreb is home to several buildings converted into clubs. You will love Depo and Museum Katran.

Finally, for those who do not have such defined tastes, any bar in Tkalčićeva is good to start the night and you can end up at Pepermint or History Village. Yes indeed, Ziraffa is a mandatory stop whatever your plans are. The cheapest place in Zagreb to have a drink!

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