It is difficult to imagine the place that has become a symbol of the capital of Hungary. Parties in hot springs, colorful lights and techno music light up the atmosphere. The Budapest city spas They are a symbol of history converted into a hallmark of European hipster culture.

The latest fashion? Not at all. The baths where the so-called Magic Bath or CineTrip are now held were already in the spotlight during Roman and Ottoman times. He wasn't the last successful DJ who was DJing, his success lay in therapeutic powers, pure magic. Budapest It was the place of worship for those who suffered from congenital, traumatological or degenerative diseases, since its waters tempered their pain and the minerals, the material that keeps them standing, healed the wounds - body and mind - of everyone who gave in to dive.

No traveler can resist the pleasure of swimming in the warm waters, especially if you visit the city during winter with temperatures hovering around minus 37 degrees.

Decade after decade, in 1934 Budapest was proclaimed City of Spas. Around 70 million liters of water every day that satisfy the appetite of 118 springs. A pleasure that Romans, Ottomans, and Austro-Hungarians have enjoyed and that today is appreciated by the city's inhabitants, who make the most of it.

All the inhabitants? Exceptionally. It was not until the middle of the 20th century that women could begin to use it, a pleasure until now only reserved exclusively for men. What must it be like to experience one more step towards the right to equality? Even today, many spas only allow “mixed” entry on weekends and during the BathParty, during the week it is exclusively for men only or only for women.

From a game of chess to a late-night party surrounded by a neo-Gothic building, everything is possible in the heat of spas like Széchenyi from 1913.

The MagicBath experience must be incredible, but more incredible, from my point of view, must be the experience of feeling that you are enjoying and soaking your body in the place that Roman women were deprived of due to their condition, no. so to men. Places that were a meeting center for intellectuals like Lucacks Bath, what could not be debated between baths!

A different and completely alternative vision of the city separated by the Danube, the mountains, the plain and its parliament. Immersing yourself in its thermal baths means reliving the history of Hungary, past and present marked by its water springs and why not? The best way to end Budapest andn one day!

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