Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is a challenge to visit in one day due to the breadth of leisure and tourism areas it has. Despite this, you can get a lot out of it during 24 hours, so we are going to give you some guidelines on what you can do on your first contact with “the city of spas”.

In the morning

For our one day visit, we will start the visit from Buddha which is the most majestic area of Budapest. The surroundings of Buda Castle are those that show us the best views of the entire city. From the castle we will take Támok utca until you reach the Matthias Churchand the Fisherman's Bastion, the point of the city from which the greatness of the Parliament, symbol of Budapest. The night view of the city from it is incredible.

We are not going to recommend visiting the interior of Parliament since it can take a whole morning, we will reserve it better for the second visit we make to the city.

To return to Pest We will walk down one of the many slopes in Buda and cross the Chain Bridge. Following in a straight line Zrínyi utca we will reach the St. Stephen's Basilica, An essential and free visit in which you cannot miss climbing its tower.

Budapest is a city that was formed from the union of 2 ancient cities: Buda and Pest. Both are separated by the Danube River - one on the western side and the other on the eastern side, respectively - and joined by 7 incredibly beautiful bridges.

Walking towards the south we will reach Vörösmarty ter, one of the most important squares in the city where the famous Gerbaud Pastry ideal place to have a good dessert.

From this square, we take Empty Uzca, the most famous and busiest shopping street in Budapest, until we reached the Central Market. In their basement they sell fish, on the ground floor there are stands selling fruit, sausages, desserts, etc. And on the second floor there are restaurants at very good prices where you should try a plate of goulash, a stew based on pork, vegetables and a lot of paprika, very typical from there.

In the afternoon

Budapest has many spas, but we recommend Széchenyi: It has 15 indoor pools, 10 saunas and Turkish baths and three large outdoor pools. Its water is at 36º all year round and watching the sunset from one of them is a unique experience.

We cannot leave Budapest without visiting one of its famous spas. The city is located on a fault through which more than 100 hot springs flow.

In the afternoon three other highly recommended visits are the Memento Park, in which all the communist statues of the time are found, the Jewish quarter and its 3 synagogues and the bunker museum of the Second World War. Known as “Hospital in the rock”, is located several meters underground and has a length of almost 2 km. In it we can all see the objects that were used during the Second World War, it is very very curious to visit.

At night

If there is anything surprising besides its impressive views, it is the partying in Budaspest. Therefore, we leave you a link where you can find the best nightclubs in the capital.

To end the day well, we are going to give you two recommendations depending on whether you want to end it with a night out with a boat ride on the banks of the Danube. For the first option, you should undoubtedly go to the ruin bars. It all starts with an abandoned building that is about to be demolished. A group of young people offers to rent it to the city council to create a bar and the city council grants it. The result is bars that exude creativity, cultural activities, music, etc.

The second option will allow you to see the impressive buildings of Budapest illuminated from the Danube, at a really affordable price compared to the rest of European cities. A view worth enjoying. You can buy tickets for the night boat ride here.

Another very cheap recommendation: we recommend a guided tour in Spanish of Budapest, which departs daily and is free (it is normal to leave a good tip). If you are a group and want to organize a cheap tour of Budapest for yourself Contact us and we will make it easier for you.

And if you don't have a place to sleep, you can easily reserve it. As?

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