Surely many of you are already planning that great summer trip with friends in which you will take your backpack and set out to see all the countries you can for the lowest possible price. We all have the word interrail in mind: Our older cousins, friends and neighbors have done it and they have told us a thousand and one stories and anecdotes.

From the night they spent at the station to that curious character with whom they shared a car on one of their journeys. What if we told you that there are much more complete and fun alternatives to the interrail? And comfortable too! Spending a night in a car or station is quite an adventure, but if the trip is longer, we all like to be able to share stories with coffee or beer in hand in one of the common areas of the well-known hostels, right?

5. Brussels – Amsterdam

We recommend doing it in 5 days, dedicating the first 2 to Brussels and the last 3 to the great city of canals: Amsterdam. So those of you who don't have many vacation days can make the most of them.

If you have the possibility of expanding and this is your chosen destination, You can take advantage of your stay in Brussels to visit some of its neighboring cities: Ghent and Bruges. Both have a very good combination of daily trains, so you can “set camp” in Brussels and after touring this city (and trying their wonderful waffles, of course) take day trips to these places.

The surroundings of Amsterdam have nothing to envy of the Belgian country, so if you want to spend a few more days there, we recommend that you visit Volendam, Marken and Delft.

In addition to being unique countries, there are 3 experiences that you can't miss:

  • Heineken Factory Tour and Amsterdam Canal Cruise
  • Beer bike, can you think of a better idea than cycling through the streets of Amsterdam while drinking beer?
  • Route through the best coffee shops in the city

4. Poland: Warsaw – Wroclaw – Krakow

It will be a trip in which emotions and sensations will always be on the surface.

Although many of our friends have gone there on Erasmus, it is still “that great unknown”. It is a perfect trip to do in 6 days, enough to make it one of your top trips!

In addition to his Interesting storyThey are very young cities in terms of population, the atmosphere and good vibes are guaranteed!

Do you think it will be your next destination? If so, open the trip's WhatsApp group and write down, There are 3 musts that are essential!

  • Look for the dwarfs or gnomes of Wroclaw
  • Visit the overwhelming Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp
  • Tour the impressive Wieliczka Salt Mines

3. Bratislava – Vienna – Budapest

Three countries in seven days. Are you ready?

Surely before seeing the impressive photos of Bratislava It was not a city that caught your attention to visit. We must admit that it is not very big and that if you only want to visit the city in one day it is enough, but if you are adventurous and like nature, A route through the Carpathians is something you cannot miss.

Vienna…That monumental city in which you will find something beautiful in each of its corners… If you organize yourself well and have no special interest in seeing any of its buildings or museums from the inside, you can visit it in a single day. If you look at a map before going you will realize that all its monuments are located in a circular shape, so with a little planning you will have everything under control, 😉

And finally Budapest, impossible to describe it in words! It is one of our favorite cities in Europe. You can start the morning by visiting the Parliament, continue with the views from the Citadella, eat in its market, spend the afternoon in one of its thermal baths and top off the day by discovering its picturesque ruin pubs, and this is nothing! A warning: once you are there, you will not want to leave.

If this is your itinerary we recommend three experiences that will make your trip unique:

  • Go up to Bratislava Castle. At first glance it may seem very normal, but if it is a clear day, from its heights You can see up to 4 countries! The bathrooms of what they call UFO are also very curious, but we let you discover with your own eyes why.
  • To go From Bratislava to Vienna you can do the journey on a cruise along the Danube. The duration of the trip is the same as if you did it by road and the trip is much more charming. Once in Vienna, attention chocolate lovers! The Sachertorte will duel you, will you be able to resist?
  • Choosing just one thing in Budapest is practically impossible, but if you are going to stay for several days, we recommend that you do a getaway to Margarita Island. It is located in the middle of the Danube between Buda and Pest and on your boat tour you will have unbeatable views of the city. In addition, this island is well known for its artificial beach in summer and its festivals.

What includes? Where can we sleep?… Cris solves all our doubts on YouTube.

2. Berlin – Prague – Budapest

You will only need eight days to visit these great European capitals. We have already told you great things about Budapest, so let's go for the other two!

Shall we tell you a secret? Berlin is a city that likes to hide its true charm during the winter months, so if you have visited it at this time of year you don't really know it. With the first rays of spring sun all the doors of the pubs open their doors and the green spaces are filled with people with guitars whose musical notes color the gray tones left by winter. Berlin is well worth enjoying for three days to discover its history, take a walk around the museum island or discover that metro station that was formerly a bunker.

In a comfortable bus With reclining seats, a tablet in the front seat and coffee in hand, we will head to the magical city of Prague.

Prague It is beautiful whether you visit it at any time of the year: the winter snow gives it a special charm, but the summer makes everyone out on the streets wanting to have a good time and show you the mysteries of the city. Culture, party and good beer! Do you really need more reasons to visit it?

We tell you on our YouTube channel everything about our trip to Berlin-Prague-Budapest

Activities in Berlin and Prague You won't miss them, but our favorites are the following:

  • East Side Gallery Illustration Tour: How many of you know the kiss graffiti? Do you want to know its history? In addition to being curious, each composition shows a claim or shows an epic moment that deserves to be known. When finished, the area is perfect to start the night's party.
  • Beer route through Prague: The history of a city can almost be told by anyone or read in a book, what if we told you that beer is the most influential product in the economy and development of the city? We will explain the reason for each of its nuances and some anecdotes that will make this tour a unique night.

1. Berlin – Prague – Bratislava – Vienna – Budapest

It is our star of trips through Europe. And if you want to take a big trip and not miss anything from the main European capitals, only you need 10 days and a lot of energy. You just have to tell us how many days you want to spend in each of the cities and We take care of everything: flights, buses, accommodations, activities... It is the closest thing to the interrail but with the comfort of sleeping in the best hostels in each of the cities and also continuing to meet people like you in the common areas with which to share anecdotes or prepare a joint dinner trying different typical dishes depending on your origin.

Backpack, map and a great desire to have a good time…

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