Ideas for a Bachelorette Party in Gran Canaria

This time we moved to the island of Mojo Picón, almost African climate, pure tourism and only a couple of hours away by plane. Do you know which island we are talking about? Nothing more and nothing less thanGran Canaria! Surely we will not find a better place than this island to say goodbye to our single friend through the front door. Furthermore, since there is only one unforgettable farewell, we have decided to review a series of Ideas for a bachelorette party in Gran Canaria. 

And if we see that we are still short of ideas, we can always review these 10 original ideas for a bachelorette party because the bride that day only deserves the best!

Boat Party

What do they have? boat party? Because it is always one of the most popular activities wherever it is. Although if we think about it deeply, why not? It is a complete plan: sun, sea, music, food and a glass of cava in hand. The perfect excuse to disconnect from the hard day to day life and just worry about getting tan, enjoy and try to Don't let your cell phone sink into the depths of the sea! Who's signing up?


Nothing better and more original to remember this fun trip than immortalizing it with a Photoshoot.

Yes, we admit it, we all love photos and looking beautiful for posterity, and with this activity, you will feel like the stars of the moment chased by the paparazzi, who will also take you to the most picturesque places on the island. And why not? You can treat yourself to bringing your own props to be the most original 😉

Dinner with show

Show and delicious food, that's what they are like the best restaurants in Gran Canaria!

Dinner with show, the perfect touch for a bachelorette party that combines good food, some beers, an unforgettable show to end up giving it your all at a nightclub. In addition, we can choose it according to the plan that we most want and, above all, that suits our girlfriend: something more fun? a spicier touch? Typical Canarian food? Or a little of everything? Who knows at the end of the day, it's up to us!

Private sailboat rental

Girls! We are saying goodbye! Among the ideas for a bachelorette party in Gran Canaria, this one could not be missing. It is a once in a lifetime experience for that friend we are celebrating, and how many times do we have the opportunity to rent a sailboat just for us and thus feel like the queens of the island? If you are like us... On rare occasions!

There is no better time than now to do it, and few places offer us a coast as worthy of admiration as the one in the south of the island, in addition to anchoring in the crystal clear waters and taking a dip in the high seas with our honoree.

Limousine ride

A night in true Sex and the City style! Who can miss it? At full speed, like queens of the island and of the night while we let our voices sing the greatest hits of the moment to the rhythm of a glass of cava. Because I don't know what you think, but one farewell on wheels It should be the order of the day! In addition, you can choose whether he will pick you up at the hotel, restaurant, or whether it is your way to get to one of the the best canarian nightclubs…and if you want it to go with a more comical show or a spicy touch with a stripper that will leave you speechless.

Farewell in the air

From heaven to earth traveling only the best beaches of Gran Canaria.

For all those brides who are looking for strong emotions and a little sport at their bachelorette party, the perfect idea for their bachelorette party will be!parasailing! The best anti-stress method that will help the protagonist of the day release a large amount of tension and nerves prior to the big final day. Surely our friend adores us after preparing this surprise for her!

camel ride

In Gran Canaria, wheels and roads are changed for camel rides and immense dunes. The perfect turn to finish a tourist day in Gran Canaria, enjoy a walk and some canarian sunsets impressive. In short, an original and different 100% farewell.

Adventure pack

If you like the march and want to give a more daring touch to the farewell, the adventure pack It is the best option, it is three activities in one for our bride to release all her adrenaline: speed boat, crazy sofa and parachute. It is one of the most original ways to enjoy the coast and its incredible views.

between jets

What better way to compensate the bride for so much effort than with a spa day? It couldn't help but be part of our ideas for a bachelorette party in Gran Canaria, because it is great if you want to combine it with any other type of activity to give a little more fun and relaxation to the day. Come on, a very complete afternoon-night! Or if you prefer something different, then have lunch at a Canarian beach bar, a garimba for the body and an outdoor massage on the beachfront.

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