10 Ideas for a Bachelorette Party in Alicante

News! One of our friends is getting married and we want to organize an unforgettable bachelorette party for her. It can't be just any party, not just any other party... we have to leave the bride speechless, so we are here to propose. 10 ideas for a bachelorette party in Alicante, and remember that what happens at the bachelorette party in Alicante, stays in Alicante!

10. Boat Party

We know that all help is little, so here we leave you more original ideas to organize bachelorette parties.

Let's start strong! We can't think of a better way to get one. totally unforgettable experience than a boat party in Alicante.

If you are a group that loves outdoor parties, is there a better option? a boat full of young people willing to make this afternoon the best afternoon ever 🙂

Music, good atmosphere, something to snack and a toast to the groom while we see the coast, photons! Also to put the icing on the cake, don't forget to bring a swimsuit because a dip is guaranteed.

9. Photo session

We admit it, at first selfies were cool but they make us more and more lazy. If you are that group that loves to take photos, we have a great plan. A photo session with a professional photographer!

You can imagine it... Walking through the Old Town of Alicante looking for the most famous but also the most hidden places! for those photos 10.

How many of you will update your WhatsApp profile?

8. Catamaran ride

We know that you love plans in the middle of the sea and that is why we propose a catamaran ride.

If you want to spend a chill bachelorette party on the high seas during the day or in the afternoon, this catamaran offers it to you. 3 and a half hours of travel in which you can enjoy incredible views, dips, a little relaxing time in the solarium network... Are you ready for some of the coolest photos?

7. Gymkhana in Alicante

One of the most popular leisure activities lately are Escape Room games. We love them and we think it's a super top idea to live an experience with your friends on the day of the bachelorette party. If you have never done an activity like this, we will tell you very quickly what it consists of: It is an experience in which a team of people aims to solve a series of mysteries at a certain time.

Since we love to know and enjoy, we propose an escape room but in the open air, with the city being your “room” and the clues you find in it, the different tests.

It is an activity designed for have fun and motivate yourself at 100%. Moments of intrigue, adrenaline and learning to work as a team and communicate with your colleagues. The gymkahana for farewells in Alicante is an experience to live with all 5 senses.

6. Discobus

Can you imagine giving it your all on a dance floor but… inside a bus going around the city?

If you want to enjoy a different night to the others, you have to get on the discobus! This disco on wheels in which you can walk the streets of Alicante while your favorite songs play and toast with your friends, it is one of the most chosen plans by bachelorette party groups.

In addition to dancing, singing and enjoying the party with your friends you can give it a touch of mischief and get on board a stripper and end the night with the most fun.

5. Beach club

If there is something that never fails, it is a beach party. Good music, young atmosphere, the sea and the beach. Could you ask for more?

For groups that do not want to waste a single minute of partying on their farewell, the idea of a Beach Club is perfect. From 4:00 p.m. the best songs played live by a DJ begin to play.

A cocktail to beat the heat and a dip from time to time you have to try it!

4. Beauty Party

Our friend's bachelorette party could be the perfect opportunity to get together and let yourself be pampered. Manicures, pedicures, French champagne to toast the bride and reunions. Why... how long has it been since you were all together?

The beauty party in Alicante It will leave you completely relaxed and perfectly prepared for a night out 🙂

Furthermore, in that relaxing atmosphere we are betting that anecdotes and stories that your group of friends that you already thought forgotten will come to light again and you will not be able to stop laughing.

3. Afternoon with animation

You also have the option of taking a gastronomic tour of Alicante that includes tasting four drinks and as many tapas.

For those who want to have their feet on the ground all afternoon and also at night, we propose a plan to enjoy the city and its customs with an “afternoon” through the center of Alicante.

The party begins in the Market, where you can have an aperitif before the meal, a fresh beer and a tapa to warm up the engines. Our recommendation for eating is Café Español, one of the best places in party with food and entertainment for bachelor parties You won't be the only ones celebrating, the atmosphere is guaranteed!

2. Karts

Don't be left wanting to see more of Alicante's nature and learn everything about the excursion to Guadalest, one of the most beautiful towns in Spain.

Adventurers! We have not forgotten about you, that is why we propose an original and a most daring plan with which to surprise the bride. Let yourself go, step on the accelerator and beat all the records on the circuit, because... What do you think of a kart race?

This great plan will leave you breathless, open your eyes wide and watch your opponents. Action, adrenaline and laughter, many laughs. A farewell to talk about for a long time.

1. La Tabarca

If one day is not enough to get to know the island… no problem! You have the option of spending a weekend sailing through La Tabarca is waiting for you.

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the beaches of the Mediterranean, and if you want to know a special place at your bachelorette party, a relaxation plan that we recommend is visit Tabarca.

To get to Tabarca Island you can take a boat from Santa Pola. Different types of boats leave from there and make this trip daily, from large catamarans to small boats.

We recommend that those of you who like to explore the coves do not forget to bring food, drinks and water shoes, since there are a lot of rocks. Without a doubt a different and quiet place where you can sunbathe, snorkel and enjoy a day of tourism and retreat with your friends.

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