10 Original Ideas for a Bachelorette Party

The wedding season is coming and with it the bridal showers! And that's why we want to give you 10 original ideas for a bachelorette party.

Given that The Fun Plan is the first Spanish travel agency specialized in bachelor parties, We offer you plans even in the main cities of Europe! But as with this post we want to inspire you to organize: we bring you a lot of ideas depending on the type of experience and thus help you make your bachelorette party is simply unforgettable!!

Farewell on wheels

original bachelorette party idea

We propose several options according to your tastes:


One of the most fun ways to get to know a city. Have you already tried it? It seems more difficult than it is and laughter is guaranteed!!!


Without a doubt, the ideal transportation for these events is a limousine in which to tour the city with all your friends to the rhythm of music and champagne. You can do it in two types of limousine: the Lincoln limousine (the usual one) and the hummer limousine, cooler for farewells, especially the pink ones!

Bus Party

Diviértete con tus amigas de una manera muy original. Es un concepto único: una discoteca en movimiento. Te pasan a buscar y te llevan de recorrido por la ciudad junto a un Dj, que se encargará de haceros bailar sin parar durante todo el viaje. ¿Dónde la podréis encontrar? Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante o Rome son algunas de las ciudades donde podréis montaros la disco en el bus.

Something that is also taking a lot is rent a convertible bus for your group, play your own music, take a walk around the city and... let's dance!!


Fiesta de Pedales: Camaradería sobre Ruedas

Also known as the “Bici-birra”, it has its origin in Amsterdam, where it became famous (you can see here what the beer bike is like in Amsterdam). With space for 16-17 people, you will have to pedal sitting on stools in a U-shaped minibar vehicle, in which a waiter will be in charge of serving you beers along the route. Like having a drink, only pedaling and… the bar moves!

Relaxing farewell

original idea bachelorette party relaxation

Are you one of those who prefer a “girls plan?” calm with your friends? We bring you various options that are setting the trend:

Spa y Masajes Relajantes

Because there are times when the most enjoyable time is relaxing from the stressed life we lead today, we can always spend a relaxing time with friends at a spa, enjoying all kinds of massages, facial treatments, manicures, pedicures and other activities. such as steam baths, saunas or chocolate wraps. Doesn't sound bad at all, right?

Nail Party

We propose you a “nail party” to spend a day full of color and very fun. You can look for a specialized nail center where there is space to celebrate it, or do it at home by hiring a manicurist. A fun idea is to prepare a list of cocktails and secretly relate it to the colors of the polishesThus, party attendees can decide what nails they want without knowing what they will drink. Or vice versa. Decide on a cocktail and your nails will be a surprise.

Tea Party

They became fashionable in the US a few years ago. Do you remember the party that Phoebe throws for Monica in an episode of Friends? Celebrating a Tea Party is ideal to share with your friends, eat some cupcakes and muffins; and try a wide variety of aromatic infusions. It doesn't have to be exclusively tea, there can also be coffee or other drinks such as juices, etc... And of course, since the bachelorette party is a special celebration, you are allowed to skip the diet and eat all kinds of delicious desserts!

Bachelorette party by boat

original idea bachelorette party on a sailboat

Fiestas en Barco

Boat parties are in fashion. They are normally done on a catamaran, with an open bar and in conjunction with other farewells. In the following link you can see and buy your tickets for the best boat parties in Europe. From our point of view, the best destinations to go to a boat party are: Ibiza (could not be missed), Barcelona, Valencia, Gandía and Albufeira in the Algarve. Boat trips are always a good #funplan in summer, preferred by most tourists and highlighted in the means travelers.

Un Paseo en Velero

A quieter option linked to the sea is to rent a sailboat for your bachelorette party group. Sailboats normally have a maximum capacity of 12 people, although at The Fun Plan we have sailboats with larger capacity in some of the destinations in which we work. Some beers, your music and... you can always give it a spicy touch by bringing a stripper on board.

Despedida Gastronómica

Do you feel like enjoying the bachelorette party, delighting your palate and showing off a little culinary creativity?

Theme restaurants, preparation of cocktails or gin and tonics, wine and beer tastings, tapas routes, a cooking workshop…are some of the options that you can carry out that will undoubtedly leave “a good taste in your mouth.”

Despedida de Soltera Con Ritmo

10 Original Ideas for a Bachelorette Party

Do you love to dance? Do you enjoy moving your skeleton like no one else? If the answer is yes, this is undoubtedly your best option for the bachelorette party. We recommend you spend your farewell to the rhythm flamenco dance, Bollywood, Burlesque or Sexy Dance. You will have a great time!

Despedidas de Compras

We all love shopping! Why not enjoy the bachelorette party getting to know a city and at the same time go shopping with an agent who will guide you? In cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Lisbon we already have this activity and those of you who do it are delighted. If you want to give a more chic touch to shopping, we can add a limousine to take us from one place to another, of course waiting for us at the door. Everything fits into a farewell, including using your imagination, breaking away from clichés and inventing a different type of farewell, like the one they invented these three friends to survive a bachelorette party.

These are our 10 proposals for your bachelorette party, but imagination is the protagonist (with the bride's permission). You can combine or modify them as you want, look for new ideas, talk to your friends... Who said organizing a farewell party was not fun? We love! That's why our blog is full of ideas and tips for organizing a bachelorette party. What do you think of these plans? Do you dare to suggest us more ideas?

More original ideas for bachelorette parties:

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