Destinations, budgets... Many of you are organizing your end-of-degree trip and the trip itself is just as important as the way you will get that money or save some of it, right? In these times it is completely normal. Let's see if with the following ideas to finance final year trip we can help you.


We start with a classic for years and one of the easiest ways to get some money for the trip. For the giveaways The first thing you have to take into account is the prize. It will have to be a material good, never economic. You can raffle anything from a sweatshirt to a car or a trip!

As it could not be otherwise, we have been encouraged to create our own tickets to finance the end-of-degree trip of those university students who choose a trip in The Fun Plan. For this 2019/2020 season We will raffle a 10.2 inch 32GB IPAD.

The tickets will have a price of €3 and you can get up to €275 to finance your trip…Contact us and we tell you how to join!

WhatsApp: 661 756 700

If you are more daring and want to set up your own giveaway, here we provide you with the steps you must follow to make it completely legal:

You will have to make the ballots and choose which draw will be used to choose the winner. Tips? Regarding the raffle, specify the date, which must be in a public place to guarantee transparency and allow enough time to sell all the raffles.

The important thing is to get the gift right and go beyond the family to sell the more tickets, the better.

Taking advantage of the fact that many of you will organize your trip before Christmas, you can opt for the sale of national lottery shares. Will you become the new bald guys in the lottery? What is clear is that the excitement for your trip is assured 😉

On the official website of the General Directorate of Gambling Regulation you will find the steps to follow to organize a raffle and here everything you need to know to sell lottery entries.

Traveling Piggy Bank

And synonymous with financing is also!save! This year you have had to organize the final trip of your degree and as it could not be otherwise in your group there are different tastes, prices, ideas...

With the aim of helping you, advising you and guiding you, we have created “the traveling piggy bank” In this way you ensure that you are the first to have all the information about the destination, to obtain the best price and complete help from us throughout the entire process. Sounds good right?

How to register in the traveling piggy bank? It simply consists of making a payment of €50 9 months in advance of your trip. This payment is without obligation, if when the time comes to confirm the trip you decide not to do it, we will refund your money.

The traveling piggy bank is a small advantage that can help you save a lot of money :) 

2020 Calendar

Some of you are specialists in it: With costumes of what your profession will be, landscapes of your future graduation trip or simply giving your all in front of the camera. You can sell it to your family, university classmates and friends because who doesn't have a large calendar in their room or office to write down important things?

End-of-course travel calendar Faculty of Medicine Valencia. Photo of Vicente Nadal

There are universities that are already experts in this and every year they base themselves on the race and the trip itself to choose settings and costumes.

If you want to get some ideas, don't miss this article!!

Do you dare to be next? 😉

Sell products

There has always been talk of the Polvorones, the boxes of pasta and chocolates. And there are things that never fail, but this year we have also thought about giving the usual products a twist and selling those that really come in handy.

How many people do you know who like craft beer? Or if you love carrying merchandise related to your career, “pens-syringes” for nurses, pen drives in the shape of teachers, or the typical colognes to give as gifts this Christmas, I'm sure that with this sale of products to more than one you will get it out of the blue. hurry.

Our friends at “at student prices” have a lot of original ideas to finance your final year trip. With the code: THE FUNEST4 ideas you will have an extra discount 😉

Organize parties and university events

A mandatory point and not only because you will earn quite a few euros. We have to prepare for the trip! And what better way to do it than by organizing them together. It's time to demonstrate your public relations skills and reach an agreement with the owner of the establishment.

The “sangriadas” on Wednesdays in Periodismo, San Canuto, San Cemento, San Teleco or those at the University of Salamanca are classic.

The parties at the faculties are a success, don't miss one!

If parties are not your thing, surely there are some within the group musician or lover of monologues, So get to work!!

Take advantage of your professional skills

It is the best way to put into practice everything learned in the three, four or five years of your degree. Have you studied physiotherapy? Organize a sporting event and take the stretcher out onto the field. Law students? You can provide legal assistance at a reasonable price. Journalists? Make yourself known by publishing an article in local, national or university newspapers. What's more, if you are students of several specialties you can put all these skills together. INEF can organize a sporting event, physiotherapy and medicine, provide healthcare, journalism and communication, disseminate the event and verify that everything fits within the law 😉

If you need help organizing events, we are here to help you!

Merchandising Sale

Who doesn't love having a t-shirt or sweatshirt with a legendary quote from a teacher or some funny phrase related to your career? And who says clothes, we are talking about those mythical backpacks that we all take on trips, shoulder bags... Surely no friend wants to be left without theirs!

And if travel and tourism are your thing, what do you think if we personalize them with the destinations of your trip? We leave you here some of our illustrations so that, if you are still not sure about the trip, you can get inspired 😉

By the way!! Cute and original mugs also tend to be a hit among college students.

We hope that these ideas can help you finance your trip. If you want to know more contact us!!

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