The exams are over and you are already beginning to hear some murmurs in the hallways about the university trips. If you have had to organize it or, on the contrary, you have offered to do it, you are not alone! Today we tell you everything what no one has told you about the end-of-degree trip, how to organize it and not die trying.

Whatsapp burns

Don't stress, we are here to help! so don't miss any of the following 5 tips for organizing your final year trip.

Take all the patience in the world and keep it in your pants pocket because you're going to need it! If you are not a big fan of WhatsApp groups… get ready! Your mobile phone is going to be on fire for months… Hundreds of daily messages and a thousand different opinions. Nobody said it was easy to agree with others, and even less so when we talk about the end-of-degree trip. It is a trip that we take once in a lifetime and everyone who is going to enjoy it wants it to be perfect.

The million dollar question: where are we going? It is likely that one of the destinations you have in mind is Malta for the final year trip. And it is the star destination chosen by university students, although be careful! There are many other options to enjoy a most adventurous end-of-year trip through Thailand, an original and exotic trip through Morocco or Tunisia, or if you prefer, a most cultural tour through Central Europe.

But don't get discouraged or take it the wrong way if a colleague is very stressed during the trip organization, these are totally normal symptoms. Try to reassure them with the occasional joke or meme... that always works in WhatsApp groups.

The group is reduced

Undecided about which destination to choose as your final year trip? It's the most normal thing in the world, but since we are very rich and we don't want you to stress out too much, we let you the best destinations for your final degree trip and surely your choice will be easier after taking a look.

Agreeing between 80, 40 or 20 people to go on a trip to the same destination is not an easy task. Normally the groups start with all or almost the entire class being interested in going on a trip, but as time goes by and you have to get more involved, many of them fall by the wayside.

Sometimes because we don't agree on the destination, the itinerary, or even the prices. In the end, mini groups are created by taste and several trips are created. Some choose the Malta festival, others a more cultural tour through Central Europe and there are others who seek originality on a most exotic trip through Morocco or Tunisia.

Our advice? Don't close yourself off to any destination... it's normal that you've had an idea for a long time about what you want to do and visit on your final year trip, but you know what? If you let yourself go and let them tell you about other destinations (even if you end up going to the one you wanted later) it may surprise you and become one of the best trips of your life, which you will remember with your friends forever. Let it flow…

How to finance your trip

It's time to talk about money... we don't like it, right? In these times who likes to talk about money? To no one, and to those of us who are finishing our university life and have not even set foot in the world of work, much less so.

Until now we had only worried about finding the best destination where we could have a wonderful time on our final year trip, but... how are we going to pay for it? Don't worry if you don't have a piggy bank full of coins because we are going to give you a lot of money. Ideas to finance your final year trip, and let nothing stop you. This way you can go on a trip with your friends and say goodbye to university life in style.

From organizing parties, to selling raffles or lottery. It has also become very fashionable to make calendars, like police or firefighters... you can't imagine how fun and how successful they are. But if you want more classic ideas and you want to get money to travel as you have done all your life, you will always have to sell cakes or sweets around your neighborhood, to family and friends, now that Christmas is coming no one will be able to resist saying no to a powder keg

We are going to tell you a secret that will surely put you in a good mood… you don't have to spend a million to go on an end-of-degree trip! We introduce you 5 destinations to travel to for less than 500 euros. Knowing this we will surely save in another way. Relax, take it easy!

Who is the treasurer?

When we start organizing the trip, someone almost always wants to go to an all-inclusive in the Caribbean... but then they see how much it costs and... bye bye! You don't have to say goodbye to the beach, or to the all-inclusive, we present to you 10 alternatives for the end-of-degree trip. You'll be surprised!

We already have the group closed, destination chosen, activities and visits organized... and it remains to manage the group's money. We recommend that from minute zero you choose a treasurer to be the “bank of the trip” otherwise… you will go crazy.

Our advice, choose someone organized to know who has paid and who has not. Also, be smart with the procedures at the bank, and not leave the envelope with the money on the table in the faculty cafeteria.

Let the game of monopoly begin… and treasurers, be firm! Establish dates to pay, and payment methods that are the same for everyone, and thus organize it in the best possible way. Cheer up, in the end, it is not so complicated!

Is the time!

We know that the only thing you want at this point is to grab your suitcase and go live the experience, therefore, one last thing we recommend before getting on the plane is to take a look at the 5 ideas to enjoy your final year trip.

Every effort has its reward... After going through the different stages in the preparation and organization of our final year trip, with the thousands of messages in the WhatsApp group 24/7, fighting for the destination we wanted the most, choosing the itinerary, dates, raising money to make our trip possible... after all that comes enjoyment.

We're finally going on a final year trip! Now we just have to pack our bags and forget about exams, classes and teachers. After years of effort studying, hardly any vacations and Saturday afternoons locked up at home without being able to party, now let's go give it our all! here we go!

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