Are you already thinking about your final year trip? Wanting that beach plan, all-inclusive and great party, but you can't cross the pond? Do not worry! Because what if we told you that it is not necessary to cross to the other side to achieve it? What if we told you that we have it just a couple of hours away? What if today we go to End of career trip to Malta? What do you think? Great plan! No? Well here we go!

We're going on a trip to Malta!

Ready for the best week of your life? Let's hope so because The party and the sun are waiting for us! But first of all a small warning, calm down! It is not necessary that you come to the capital to take the flights, because you can leave from different points on the Peninsula: Madrid, Malaga, Barcelona and Valencia to be exact.

Malta in a day, something essential that you can carry in your own pocket

malt It is a spectacular destination to spend your final year trip in the best possible way,funplaning! A wonderful island in the Mediterranean bathed by turquoise blue waters, perfect weather and lots of partying! Can you ask for anything more? Well the truth that yes!

What are we going to find? Very easy! A trip of 6 days and 5 nights full of fun, which will remain engraved in our memory with the same intensity as the sun during the day in Malta, so as you know, we have to be well equipped with sun protection!

If you decide to head to the island, these travel tips to  malt They will come in handy to organize the entire trip

From hand to hand, from beach to beach for Malta

How does partying in Malta sound?

What better way can there be to start a night out than with a boat party? It is one of the coolest, fun and a little crazy activities if we can say so. There are 200 people on a boat, sailing along the coast of Malta and enjoying the sunset, the sea, swimming and jumping from the bow of the boat. Then we have the pool party which takes place in different pools on the coast with impressive views of the sea, while we watch the sunset, relaxing while drinking a mojito and thus, we arrive until the night.

As we know that an end of year trip is not good if there is no party in it, well today, in addition, we are going to experience the Maltese party! Which, according to what they have told us, IT DOESN'T LOOK BAD AT ALL! So shower and get ready quickly because it's time to party in Malta.

There are several events and activities that represent the party and the university, young and Mediterranean atmosphere of the island. We start with the MTV event, which has been going on for 10 years. It is a festival that lasts a week, with concerts, shows, discos and, in short, a thousand and one places to have a drink and go out and give it your all through the streets of Malta. Artists come from all over the world and the truth is that it is quite famous so if we manage to arrive in that week it will be a party!

The high season of the party in Malta It is usually from mid-April to the end of September.

Our next activity will be the bars in the St Julian's area. This area is located north of Valletta and it is the main area with a young, university atmosphere, groups and well you are going to see people from all over the place, also foreigners. We highlight several bars: the first one I am going to talk about and recommend is the Native bar. A typical Spanish bar where the atmosphere is mainly party, commercial music, drinks, beers...and well it is in the center of the main street of St Julian's. Then I'm going to talk to you about Havana, an electronic music site, a nightclub we could call it with a more international atmosphere, more late at night. In third place, The Qube Bar. It is a smaller bar where every Thursday of the week, the Spanish party takes place. If you feel like it, stop by! And, finally, for those who like Latin dances, reggaeton, etc...El Fuego Salsa Bar. A bar to dance together and let whatever has to happen happen.

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